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Some fun from XKCD.

Will you stay in the playing field?
Bookmarked for later replaying... if I find a few hours of free time for this.

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Lovely show out east this morning. Brilliant Venus and a thin delicate crescent Moon. Would have been amazing to be out pre-dawn. Now if only I could get rid of this damn cough.
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Revisiting an old browser game I used to play a lot. Care to join me?
Tribal Wars
Tribal Wars

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+Telstra and +Foxtel take note and maybe you can change before being cutoff.

The pricing on your cable offerings is forcing more people to asses other options. And charging $50/month for the Foxtel Play service, makes it easy to choose competitors like NetFlix.

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So no more updates for Windows 8.1

#win10   #windowsupdate  

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In other news ...

All I can say is thank god. Now to get the house organised.

Whilst Mick has previously been a top notch head-coach, with an awesome record, I felt he was never right for Carlton.

When a coach is sacked, many people point to the current players performance and say it's their fault. From the games I've seen this year, there didn't seem to be any game plan beyond putting players on particular opposition players. (eg: Curnow on Selwood in the Geelong match).

It's clear we're a team with no confidence, but there doesn't seem to be anything happening to address that lack of confidence. I've seen a lot of players in and out of the side, not due to injury, which would really help your confidence as a player. Many, many players playing in unfamiliar positions (eg: defenders playing as forwards, etc...), another boost to confidence.

That sort of planning comes from the coaching staff and the match committee. The board also cops a whack for letting it get to this point in the first place.

Since Mick has taken the helm we've gone from bad to worse. At one stage we were recovering nicely through 2010-11. Now we've gone all the way back to the wooden spoon era of 2006.

So long and thanks for nothing ...

+Carlton Football Club  #goodbyemick   #cfc  

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OMG ... it's out, go get it now.

I mean right now ...

#kerbalspaceprogram   #ksp   #squad  +Greg Wood 

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Help me to win a Lenove Y50 to replace my aging HP laptop.

Please visit the link below and enter the code


Thanks people.
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