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Error:(, ) java: package edu.umd.cs.findbugs.annotations does not exist using Lombok
If you have an error during compilation in IntelliJ Idea  and/or maven/gradle Error:(X, Y) java: package edu.umd.cs.findbugs.annotations does not exist you've enabled FindBugs Suppress Warnings in lombok.config: lombok.extern.findbugs.addSuppressFBWarnings ...

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Bartek Zdanowski commented on a post on Blogger.
Thank you for your wisdom and courage to share it.

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What's the cause of your problem?
Most of exceptions has a few constructors including those with cause exception. But what if you have to throw an exception that has no cause in constructor? You try to survive: Exception cause = new Exception("I'm the cause!");
SSLHandshakeException noCaus...

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Restart or power off Rasperry PI with REST call
If you need to restart or power off your RPi remotely (or through local application's call) here's a simple way http://raspberry.address:7000/reboot
http://raspberry.address:7000/power/off Details and code at

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Abstract method in Enums
Did you know that you can do that? private static enum DynamicProperty {

cacheManagerName {
void applyChange(final PropertyChangeEvent evt, final RuntimeCfg config) {
config.cacheManagerName = (Stri...

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EhCache config with BeanUtils
BeanUtils allows you to set Bean properties. If you have configuration stored in a Map it's tempting to use BeanUtils to automagically setup EhCache configuration. Sadly this class has mixed types in setters and getter and thus BeanUtils that use Introspect...

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Mam do rozdania 2 podwójne zaproszenia na Drakę z Krzysztofem Kiersznowskim

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#vertx  + #raspberrypi  at +Trójmiasto JUG - perfect marriage :D
Zdjęcia z ostatnich warsztatów, na których +Bartek Zdanowski przedstawił praktycznie Vert.x i RaspberryPi. Dzięki Bartek!
[2014.03.22] Vert.x i RaspberryPi
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I did that today, on #makerland 

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Mam do rozdania 2 podw. zaproszenia na spektakl Draka, jutro o 19 z Krzysztofem Kiersznowskim w roli głównej! #teatr
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