[That moment when you move a Google+er from your "Following" to "Friend" circle.]
Has it happened for you?

Got to hang out with two of my favorite people in the whole wide Google+ world last night, +Daria Musk and +Ahmed Zeeshan. It was a long overdue catch-up with Team STNG.

So what are we all laughing at? I think this is right after I told them the hilarious working title of my upcoming project and they busted up in cackling giggles. What upcoming project? you might be asking. Oh, you'll see, noodles. You'll see. Stay tuned. Big things in the works. ;)

In the meantime, I'd definitely recommending checking out +Daria Musk's own next big undertaking: her return to Hangout concerts! If you're new to Google+ or you just haven't yet experienced one of these, it's a must. +Daria Musk is one of the early G+nuises that put Hangouts on the map, and her warm, exuberant personality is nothing short of positively infectious. She also has some pretty amazing surprises up her sleeve for this Hangout, so keep an eye out for her upcoming announcements.

Details here:

I feel really blessed to have made some awesome, genuine friends through this platform, such as +Ahmed Zeeshan and +Daria Musk. +Ryan Crowe is yet another. Have you noodles found yourself making sincere connections on here that extend beyond the platform? Forging friendships that are likely to continue to develop outside Google+? The bromance between +Tom Anderson and +Trey Ratcliff is a notable example of this. Have you experienced something similar since joining Google+?
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