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The Ignition - Film Review
In  the Nigerian  Movie  Industry, there  is a cliché  that every Christian  movie is “Mount  Zion  Films Production”,  but  that fallacy would soon  be something to be glad about  even  if no movie can  fully explore  a subject.  Some time ago I  was oppor...

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A Woman Scorned
Today I nearly got a collateral slap on a bus! Yeah right, what a great way to start the day. A man had called a woman 'erbo' during a mild argument; erbo, a derogatory bini word, which when used literally means an idol, but when applied to a fat woman -and...

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Unpregnant- Stories from the Hospital
Terrifying was the word l described the emergency unit with during my first few weeks as a Medical intern. The terror was later replaced with thrill. The thrill of saving lives, breaking bones, diagnosing and finding solution. To do this, we would often fit...

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Nigeria and its rape culture
Nigeria has a rape
culture said my friend Ese, this was on a day we were discussing about
lecturers having sex with female students for grades and why they refuse to
speak out( story for another day) Few weeks ago I got into a facebook drama with a friend

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To be a typical African is pretty easy. It involves an easy-to-do, practical guide which I will help you with. So this is how to be African –  First, be born black. Now you have no say in this matter, it is totally a handiwork of nature. But before you crad...

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I wanted the girls to like me (Part Two )
The next day, immediately after afternoon
prep, I was at the registration stand to sign up for the next set of 800 meters
juniorboys’ race tryouts. I was to represent Peace House. Each house had two
(2) representatives. That is eight (8) athletes in all. Il...

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I wanted the girls to like me ( Part 1}
FGC Okigwe, Sometime in February 2000. I was terrible at sports- I still am, but I
loved Inter-house sports periods at FGC Okigwe. It was an opportunity for lazy
students; like I was, to have others join us in the frivolities of life,
without feeling guilty...

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Doing is all there is
These days, I have been reminiscing about the movie, Whiplash. Sometimes, I fire up my laptop just to see clips of the movie and what Fletcher said to Neiman. Oftentimes when I was little, I had pictured the stages of my life in kaleidoscopic mirrors; each ...

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Photo of the day
Your comments are like butter to my bread.. Pleeeaaassssseeee  don't starve me!!! Follow us on twitter HERE like our page on  facebook HERE follow us on instagram HERE . Share this post to  your friends, families, enemies infact everyone. FMB loves you. Osa...

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Conjugal tales of Mama Bread
Hysterectomy! I was 15 when I first heard of this term.  A neighbor was just discharged from the hospital and as she got down from the car the atmosphere was filled with ‘welcome’ and ‘sorry’. What happened to her? I asked my dad “She had a hysterectomy” he...
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