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Mark D. Hall
You may find me anywhere, taking photos, hiking or just having fun.
You may find me anywhere, taking photos, hiking or just having fun.

I'm trying to change my occupation, but after entering the new info and clicking save, the old info i still there.

For Pokemon Go, which team are most people going with? I still haven't picked but need to. Central CT looks to be dominated by Red from talking to others.
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Anyone know of any good apps that let you keyword tag your iOS photos?

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Happens a lot lately. Killed a bunch of fields before checkpoint, but they didn't disappear and register in comms until 6 minutes after checkpoint.
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@nia ops Any word on the problems with the Intel map? It's down about half the time lately for about of the players in my area. I know players in other areas are having the problem too where it just sits on the refresh screen.

Any word on when the intel map might be working again? Down sporatically for about half the people I've spoken with. Thanks!  #ingress  +NIA Ops 

+NIA Ops In the next version, please change the key screen so we don't have to tap recharge and then recharge again to get to the screen that shows all the resonators. Clicking recharge on the first screen should take us directly to the resonator screen.  #ingress  
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