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There should be more of this. Great idea guys. 
Our latest "tires" and "low cost tires" promotion has been a huge success! People have been waiting in line to make an appointment to come in. The secret! Set your campaign to sell at the "lowest price on tires" and that's it!
The rest is word of mouth!
Along with the low price on tires, our clients have been purchasing  "wheel alignments" to protect their investment.
So, make an appointment on line or call us. Or better yet! if you are into the party atmosphere, come by and stand in line!  It's fun out there!

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Do the tires that you currently are riding on have a "Road Hazard " warranty? Its not only nails that permanently damage a tire. Give us a call on your next set of replacement tires and get a 2 year Road Hazard warranty.

    #Tires   #autorepair   #Roadhazardwarranty  

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Maintenance is far less expensive than replacement. Regular oil changes could have saved this customer plenty $$.

#autorepair   #scheduledmaintenance   #autorepairjohnsoncity  

Heading to Baltimore for a 20 group meeting at ATI! Can't wait to see everyone!

#autorepairshop #ATI #northsideautomotive
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