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I have a pair of sandals, but they are only a pair of
left-footed sandals. Last night I had a dream where I found the other. Where
was it? I don't remember. According to Eliezer Edwards Words, Facts, and Phrases: A Dictionary of Cursious, Quaint, & Out

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Notes Written While Not Grading
Sending a man to war, shattering that man’s mind and body
with the trauma of war, and then painting that man when he returns—this feels a
bit witchy. It is more than an ex-president’s book
deal. I want to commission some academic
to study the rebranding of ...

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Questions After Seeing Star Wars: Rogue One
Can any thinking person
leave the theater believing that the United States is the Rebel Alliance and
not the Empire? I write this as a Mac-owning American who has shopped at Whole
Foods at least four times in his life. In other words, I am awake but careles...

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How often have I lain on a dirty floor, thinking of Paul Simon
A thought, how did Paul Simon write such fun songs? I mean
“Kodachrome.” At Barbara's Books in 2008, Steve, my coworker, asks me if I know The Beatles' song "Hey Jude." I nod. Then he asks--"Do you think that they realized they were writing the greatest son...

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Written While Avoiding Grading
I could return an essay in 20-30 minutes if using pencil on
paper, and the students would struggle to read my not so bad handwriting. The program allows me to leave typed feedback.
This feature is applauded. It takes me 45-70 minutes to return ...

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At the Window
The buildings on my block are pretty, but not having to see
what’s just in front of me is such a relief. It is foggy outside, which I love.
The sky looks like frosted glass. And looking out the window is like looking
out a window into another window, or at ...

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“Everyone needs to know
this.” So started the harangue B
experienced at the park last week. A man with a red hat told
her about the Tiktaalik,
a lobe-finned fish that lived 375 million years ago. Lived for around 10
million years because it had wrists. Tikt...

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Observations, News
There ought to be a website for streaming tourist info
radio broadcasts. The ones that play on loops and describe the local birdlife,
unkempt museums, and mayors of ill repute. Conglomerate rock is rock made of other rock. Catholicism is
obviously a conglom...

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On My Slow Output
 Either because I read Myles’ Inferno two days ago or watched a
clip from Muench’s Where a Blade Becomes
Horizon or because Daviel Shy’s Lady’s
Almanac was playing at the MCA, I was thinking about things reaching
completion. We, Vicky and I, have this

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The Pencil, The Planner
(A journal entry I found on my computer. Dated May 2015) I lost a pencil this week, last week a planner. Today I bought a piece of plastic so toxic that I need to
mail it back to the maker after one year of use. It sends out a blue tooth
signal so that what...
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