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Attention Googler friends:

I use various aliases to segregate my mail and avoid spam.  For many of them, I set up gmail aliases so I can send mail from them.  If I get an invitation addressed to such an alias, I should be able to accept it, but instead it told me that I was logged in as and trying to accept the one I used the alias for.

Since gmail knows both addresses are me, calendar should too!  Make it so?

Dear Google,

I like how you try to anticipate my needs and all that, but last night you lost it.

Google Now is set up to trigger alerts when you are at location X and you need to be at location Y at some time. Well, I'm at a resort that is Big. Humongous. Apparently my phone can't actually tell that I'm at the same place! It looked in my email and said I should be at an all day event, which starts at midnight sharp of course, and beeped at me around 11:45pm that it was time to leave to make it to the conference in time! This woke me up, all the more surprising because Android was set for Do not Disturb mode!

(Facebook messenger also seems to ignore dnd, which is why it never beeps on my phone and I miss messages if I don't notice it vibrate.)

So 2 android bugs... Ignoring do not disturb is the worst. Suggesting it is time to leave for an all day event at midnight is silly but innocuous if it doesn't beep.

+Google now​

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I'd like to call my academic friends' attention to the following CFP, for a special issue of IEEE Internet Computing on Virtualization, co-edited with +Orran Krieger Submissions are due 1 July.

I think my phone contacts corrupted my g+ circles a couple of weeks ago. There are a number of people I didn't have in circles just now who I thought used to be. If you got a message that I added you, and thought we were already connected, that would be why.

I'm curious what the rule of thumb is for protecting the confidentiality of an anonymous conference submission. Is it limited to what you put in the paper, or are you expected to "keep it quiet" until a decision is reached? And how quiet?

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I am running for the IEEE-CS Board of Governors. Voting has opened, and if you know me and are a CS member, I hope you'll vote for me :)
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