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Ho Rain Forest 

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Walk on the Sunny Side of Life
The Ho Rain Forrest

     "The tree which is most closely associated with the temperate rain forest of North America is the Sitka spruce. It grows in a narrow band along the coast and up western-facing river valleys from southeastern Alaska to southern Oregon, where it blends into redwood forest. Indeed, some use the terms Sitka spruce forest and temperate rain forest interchangeably.

However, when most people speak of the temperate rain forest in North America, they are usually thinking of those found in the western-facing valleys of the Olympic Peninsula. 

A temperate rain forest is recognized by the following hallmarks when found in combination:

The presence of Sitka spruce.
Nurse logs--usually fallen Sitka spruce upon which seedlings of trees grow.
Colonnades--which are the trees standing in a row as a result of their getting a start on nurse logs.
Trees standing on stilts--a result of seedlings sprouting on stumps that later decay away leaving a tree standing on the roots.
A profusion of mosses and lichens.
Big leaf maples with clubmoss draperies. Big leaf maples are really not that common in the temperate rain forest as they tend to be restricted to coarse, well-drained soil.
People often wonder if the mosses and lichens hanging from the limbs of big leaf maples, vine maple and other trees harm these trees. The answer is no, except for an occasional breaking of limbs from tremendous weight. In fact, these trees often send special roots out from the branch crotches into the mats of mosses and lichens and tap nutrients found there."
Photo;  Mine

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Savannah Georgia
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You are welcome +Lori Carey .  It is the beauty  of the internet.  To  share thoughts and ideas far and wide in an instant. 

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And yet he only has ten fingers.  
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mes visi turim desimt pirstu ant ranku ir ant koju
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You ever have that dream
The one with Maureen O'Hara
Looking like she did in 63 on Spencer's Mountain
Her back turned to you
her movements deliberate
her hands hidden, conspiratorial, working unseen
 your desire grows with each delicate movement
She turns slowly and whispers, " Do you want to have some fun?"
You try to form words but only a beastly sound makes its way to your anxious lips
You blink your eyes and she is sitting next to you 
A Scrabble board is set up on the bed but the squares have no letters,  and no numerical value. 
She excitedly rolls the Dice
and you look out the window through the lace curtains
and you are in another place
No?  Me either. 
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The Ho Rain Forrest
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The Ho Rain Forrest 
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Thanks +Tina Camden Washington State is the only state in the Country with a desert and a rain forest. Just a gorgeous place. 

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A Fair Weather Flag.
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    I want to surround myself with intelligent and interesting people from around the planet.  Artists, Poets, Writers, Raconteurs, Musicians, Opinionates and Opinionistas, Dancers, Pastry Chefs, Bakers, Bibliophiles, Librarians, Bookbinders, Potters, gentle people of all stripes and latent artistic types are welcome. 

      Angst is a waste of time, and I am not interested in political volley or going bare knuckles politically speaking but if you have a deep conviction and have a reasoned argument that isn't cut and paste then by all means, but in general I want to attract, not repel. I welcome intelligent and thoughtful debate, and humor of most types. My stream is Earthy (which is where I live), and occasionally crude, If that is an issue for you, then I can save you some trouble.  

   If you are in High School or younger then please find another stream to populate.    

  I think of Plus like a mixer, a global social where we all just sort of chat it up and connect. I am not trying to seduce you or reduce you, or influence you, or abuse you.  My aim is true and my intentions are more or less pure. I like people, I think of G Plus like a mixer and If I post on your stream I am trying to lighten things up with humor or its ambassador.  If I comment on your stream and my tone is uncertain to you humor is always the first option and sometimes to inform.  I like to flit from post to post and make pithy and clever comments but I am no troll.  I am good people.  Kids, dogs, and old ladies like me, maybe you will too. 

     I am a photographer by avocation and I like to write.  I post only my own photos and share posts that knock me out.  I may under-inform when I post a photo but each has a story, feel free to ask.  I shoot my life as I pass through it  I carry a camera everywhere and I shoot what I find graphically interesting, which is everything.  
    I have an appreciation of light that borders on idolatry.  If you are looking for a miracle,light is a good place to start and by extension photosynthesis.  

    I am unpublished as a writer except for thoughtful replies to outhouse musings, and that is likely to stay that way but my artistic imperative to write is strong.   I am not afraid to write bad prose or to dangle a participle or fragment a sentence. I eat grammarians for breakfast.     
    I would rather be united than divided. Our problems are large and numerous and one could argue they are extinction level.  Together we can fix them, divided we cannot.
  I can get along with anyone with a conscience, no matter how battered it may be.  

     If If you want to proselytize me knock on my door. If your convictions aren't deep enough to compel you to love your neighbor then what is the point? 

  I think the Government is and should be the voice of the people. It is citizen representation, which is the good news and the bad news.  It is broken and bloated and often unresponsive to the will of the electorate, and like "Mr Creosote" it is one wafer thin slice of economic ham from bursting but if you feel that citizen representation should be scrapped then  ask yourself what replaces it.  Improve it don't remove it is my Motto, (as of the writing of this post).  When people say that Government is Bad I want to make sure that what they aren't really saying is .. Its bad when people have a voice 
You can still take a photo in front of the White House, you cannot in front of the Bank of America.
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