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Dennis Edwards

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Still Life

#portraitphotographer   #stilllife  
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Dennis Edwards

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The Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston South Carolina which has a fascinating and instructive history apart from its most recent heartbreaking trials.
#SouthernHistory #EmmanuelAME #BlackandWhitePhotography …
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Dennis Edwards

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Nice read...
Barton Swaim's "The Speechwriter," on his years working for South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, is destined to be a classic of political communication.
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Dennis Edwards

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Five Dollar Wedding Dress

I don't know what size it is
or who might have worn it
or what possessed me
(which is the right word)
to stop, and take the beaded sleeve
as if there was a hand
with delicate fingers and painted nails
extending gracefully out to me

the clerk blushed when I suggested
it would would fit her
I should have blushed
(would if I were able)
we are both past prime
as it relates to the elegant hopes and sublime promise
of a wedding dress

with the hopeful bearing of a June bride in waiting
I asked her how much it was
"five dollars" she said ruefully
I can't afford not to buy it I reckoned

therefore, I am now

(for no discernible reason)
the proud owner of a seldom worn
wedding dress
looks to be a size four

#JuneBrides #WeddingDress #StillLife 
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Thank you +Raven Dove  I could have relied on logic and reason, but I have no buyers remorse.
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Dennis Edwards

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Tinkering with light and composition and collaborating with a budding actress...

#modeling #portraitphotographer  #PortraitPhotography  
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Dennis Edwards

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#aphroditie   #creativephotography   
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Dennis Edwards

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The North Charleston Free Library
I dropped off a book of Poetry by W.B. Yeats I kept in the glove box.
#ReadWriteIgnite #Travelphotography 
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I love this idea....I remember seeing some in Savannah at several locations....smiled to see people walking or riding bikes pull out books to give...or open it up to take a book home to read! +Dennis Edwards 
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Dennis Edwards

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I have an alibi, flimsy though it may be.

#OneShoe #IsleofPalms 
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Dennis Edwards

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Bob Dylan and the Band - You ain't going nowhere, 1967

The basement of the house called "Big Pink", in the middle of the woods not far from Woodstock, NY. It had a concrete floor, cinder block walls and its design centerpiece was a furnace. A sound guru said it was sonically incapable of producing usable music,and yet,
it produced a cultural masterpiece.

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Dennis Edwards

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When The Battle Is Over - Delaney & Bonnie, 1969
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Dennis Edwards

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Tinkering with light and composition and collaborating with a budding actress...

#modeling #portraitphotographer   #PortraitPhotography  
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Dennis Edwards

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Barringer's Store, Stanley County, North Carolina

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Yes, you should visit this side of the country. I recommend it in the spring. +Allene Angelica
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Dude with a camera, a keyboard and a latent artistic inclination.
   My stream is Earthy (which is where I live), and occasionally crude, If that is an issue for you, then I can save you some trouble.    

I post a lot and I get lost in creating so I could be a better bandwidth mate but I do get lost in living and creating, I ask for pardon in advance. 

 All gentle people of all stripes and latent artistic types are welcome-artists, poets, writers, raconteurs, musicians, opinionate's and fashionistas, dancers, pastry chefs, bakers, bibliophiles, librarians, bookbinders, potters, scholars, (Shakespearean even) and English Professors, 

     Angst is a waste of time, and I am not interested in political volley or going bare knuckles politically or religiously speaking but if you have a deep conviction and have a reasoned argument that isn't cut and paste then by all means, but in general I want to attract, not repel.

 If you are in High School or younger then please find another stream to populate.   

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      I am a photographer by avocation but I am open for business, and I like to write. 

    I post only my own photos and share posts that knock me out. Each post has a story, feel free to ask.  I shoot my life as I pass through it  I carry a camera everywhere and I shoot what I find graphically interesting, which is everything.      I have an appreciation of light that borders on idolatry.  If you are looking for a miracle,light is a good place to start and by extension photosynthesis.  

      I am unpublished as a writer except for thoughtful replies to outhouse musings, and the odd poem posted online for all of the world to see. My artistic imperative to write is strong.  I can't say why and it drives me, I don't drive it.  I am not afraid to write bad prose or to dangle a participle or fragment a sentence. I eat grammarians for breakfast.        

 I would rather be united than divided, our problems are large and numerous and one could argue they are extinction level, together we can fix them, divided we cannot.  I can get along with anyone with a conscience.   When people say that government is bad I want to make sure that what they aren't really saying is,  Its bad when people have a voice. 

      You can still take a photo in front of the White House, you cannot in front of the Bank of America.  
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My oldest son said I am the third smartest person he knows. Being number one would have been nice but I am happy to be in the running. It is worth noting that he has a large circle of friends. I have that going for me.
I have a day job which I love and am happy to leave behind each afternoon, and I am a photographer for hire, or hell, barter.
I am a man of many skills, not necessarily marketable skills, but... I am pleased with the ones I have.
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    I fancy that I am chipping away trying to find the form in the marble as it relates to my work and my world view. My job allows for that, metaphorically speaking.
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Aya Takano, 2001 © Aya Takano/Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Courtesy Galerie Perrotin

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