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Wiki Experiment post #2 : The hope was to put up a wiki for iOS swift users to get into and contribute. And like so many things online I got SEO spammed.... hard. Even when I locked it down to require editors to create accounts and for me to approve them, it was bypassed completely. Currently using MediaWiki thinking that since it is used by Wikipedia and is freely distributed this should be a good deal, but it is clumsy to administrate, the plugins are flaky and the UI is a bit goofy to customize. I have disabled the site and now on to find a better wiki system. Something more... modern.

Good to see you

What a neat concept. For those who write web apps, it seems that this takes and holds data in a cloud server and pushes out that data to anyone using the same app. Think multiplayer games, web page texting, collaborative communication, anything that you would need two people to connect on the same app.

I gave this a read through from top to bottom, trying out all of the sample code provided. Unlike many technical manuals with samples, this one has code that works without messing with it. The information is laid out from basic and works the examples up to a level of advance scripting but provides plenty of room to tinker. jQuery is a powerful JS engine and this tool that works on top of jQuery will be an asset to anyone looking to be able to move grids around such as in a dynamic content management system. The concepts behind it are pretty straight forward. This however is not a guide in learning jQuery or javascript for that matter, but you don't have to be familiar withe either to get this code up and working. This books is targeted at a specific tool, its coverage is complete, the code was clear and usable and I think anyone looking to add this functionality would be able to apply it using this book pretty easily.

Two heat maps of the US. One is Dog states versus Cat states, The other is Dem states versus Rep states. Things that make you go hmmmm...

Two heat maps of the US. One is Dog states versus Cat states, The other is Dem states versus Rep states. Things that make you go hmmmm... 

Dahlia bug is doin a sleep-over at a friends so lil Chris, somewhat bummed out at not having much to do this evening found himself watching the new Star Trek movie. freakin.awesome. And possibly the last time I read reviews in advance. I read an entire article on the plot holes.... there are always plot holes but some of the articles painted pinholes to look like portholes. Anyways, great time and my son wanted to be just like Spock. I am ok with that. Capt. Chris Out.

School. Never ending. It is the struggle that sets up a person to want to really let loose and celebrate when it is all over. I feel a toga party coming on in about 7 months. And here is a pick of how I feel...

Looking at moving toward a more google+ centered social network. Will still post and check here but some of my future endeavors are better met on that side of the pond.
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