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 Ted Cruz's ticking integrity bomb will soon explode and self destruct this idiot. Whether the fools in Wisconsin realize this before they vote on Tuesday is not important. How stupid are the evangelicals to have bought his lies hook line and sinker waving his $3.00 unread bible?
 Yes Donald has his so called quirky idiosyncrasies but this bought and paid for lying, cheating, and philanderer Cruz, is a low life scum bag.

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As the searchers combe the debris field we will likely see cell phone video from shocked passengers showing the couragious pilot with axe in hand futily attempting to smash through the cockpit door with the fireman's emergency axe.... so tradgic... RIP

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Eight minutes is an eternity in an aircraft emergency..... as a former plane owner and pilot, something does not quite add up here for me..... a very gradual descent…. Neither pilot or co-pilot could thumb click a quick Mayday?  First responder pics show that bird smeared on an alpine rock face…. Question, was she intact on impact?  Its almost like they didn’t know what elevation they were at and flew it in. Fortunately this will not take much time to pick up the data recorders.

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” The US Dog that did not bark”.

The US government (a permanent member of the UN Security Council) refuses to publish their High-Res satellite photos and other Intel files they obviously possess, instead referring to discredited social media sources to convict Putin in the court of public opinion.  

The next is the fact that Kiev refuses to release the air traffic controller tapes. Previous flight tracks were significantly further to the south out of the conflict zone where it was brought down (with the flight track records mysteriously altered to support the suggestion it was the normal route). Releasing the ATC tapes would quickly clear this contentious collusion aspect up (ATC tapes are usually released in the first few weeks of a real investigation, and not releasing them after all this time is telling).

Next the witness who passed a lie detector test outing the pilot’s name that shot the MH17 down (Capt Voloshyn) returns to the airfield without his air to air ordinances, visibly upset saying “it was at the wrong place at the wrong time.”
The most telling aspects of the MH17 shoot-down is the 30 mm bullet holes in the fuselage (the bullsh*t BUK theory absolutely does not hold with this obvious fact). The Dutch and interestingly even the Malaysians both steadfastly refuse to release the autopsy report of the bullet ridden pilot.

Finally the secret non disclosure agreement providing Kiev with an out not permitting the facts to come out from the official investigation.  The blood of 298 victims is on the hands in Kiev.

All of the above is nothing short of scandalous disrespect for the 298 dead souls of MH17; the UN, professional crash investigators and these complicit journalists need to start doing their jobs.
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