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4th edition rulez
4th edition rulez


Bit of an outlier, but has anyone tried converting 4E D&D characters to Godbound?

I remember reading somewhere that (I think) Greg compared discussing Orlanth as if he were a consistent figure across different regions and times to talking about Dyeaus Pater as a universal constant in Indo-European regions... Did I imagine this?

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I'm thinking of getting my new gaming group (has two RPG newbies in) into DCC. I'm either going to go with Portal Under the Stars into the dryad wood, or with Sailors into Savage Kings. Any suggestions for a Level 2 adventure that would work well after either of these?

(Pic for attention grabbing purposes. Yes, it's LEGO.) :D

For any people in the UK, The Works has Lords of Xidit for £15. Today online you can use a voucher code for 25% off as well.

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'The Old God's Return' +Michael Curtis

The Cast:

Minkowski – Dwarf
Sally Twigsbane – Cleric
Harlan – Wizard
Arfur Daily – Thief
Slasher Arnold – Warrior
Rose Lee – Halfling
Rhiian Tsane – Warrior

My players enjoyed the game, but I felt a bit overwhelmed having to remember everyone's special rules (disapproval, halfling's everything etc). I also wanted to get everything into 4 hours, which we managed, even if it was perhaps a bit rushed. The group were really canny and no-one died!

Stand-out moments:

Rhiian felling a running tontuu in the village with a handaxe throw
Harlan losing all his spells to failure, except for Force Manipulation, which he then produced over and over again to put a shield between him and everything else.
Rose burning 6 pts of Luck to make sure that Slasher actually hit something.
Sally giving up on casting spells with a "well, thanks a bunch, Aristemesis" when she eventually got disapproval.
Slasher critting Tjaptar on the nose.
Minkowski going "flame on" and flying to land on Tjaptar's head and start punching his lights out.
Rhianne succeeding on all 4 Luck rolls to escape. o_O

The next time I run DCC, we'll have to try a funnel!

Can anyone suggest a possible source of replacement PCs in 'The Old God's Return'? It seems almost impossible to justify placing any in the ziggurat, given its isolation. Having a mental block, so any help appreciated!

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I photocopied a gazillion of the 'PC Portraits' in Dragon years ago, so put some to use with the pre-gens for my Yule session.

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New dice awaiting the blood of player characters...

Bought funky dice, printed off pre-gens, read through "The Old God's Return": really pumped to run my first DCC session!

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Dungeon magazines (2e and 3e) and an ancient copy of Best of White Dwarf Articles (cover detached)

£2 each sound ok. P+P would depend on how many you bought.
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