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Project 365 week 33
Sunday Bought this small set of drawers for my scissors, stitch unpicker and spare feet for my sewing machine. Fed up with losing them in amongst the bigger items. Monday Started sewing some of the squares together to see what they looked like. Using eight ...

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Project 365 week 32.
Sunday Could not be bothered going into the library in my break. The hospital is way to warm. So parked the car in a shady spot and listened to my audio book and did some crocheting. Monday Little Lilly had been covered by Tesco pet insurance. It is the typ...

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Project 365 week 31
Sunday Not quite sure why my car got invaded but there had been a baby on the front with this one, as well as others on the roof at the same time. Monday DD1 was having a clear out of  bedding she no longer uses. Some of it is like new, so it will end up as...

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Project 365 week 30
Been a hard going week on the dog front. We thought we had a new dog to give our love to but that fell through. Decided to give dog hunting a break until we are both in a better frame of mind. So been quite a stressful week but hoping next week will be a bi...

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Project 365 week 29
Been a busy old week between one thing and another and apart from popping my head in the door a couple of times I have not seen the grandchildren. Hopefully get chance to rectify that next week. Sunday Another applique cushion that was commissioned a while ...

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Project 365 week 28
Been a week of getting my head round last week. Not saying things are great but my mind is in a better place than it was. Have accepted we did what was for the best and the initial grief is easing, but still miss her. Spent the weekend and the early part of...

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Project 365 week 27.
I thought long and hard before writing this weeks post. But then I thought this is what my blog is about, me, my life and my week, and this has been that week. Hope you have all brought your tissues with you cos you are going to need them. It has been the m...

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Project 365 week 26
Well this is it, half way through the year already. Have had DD2 down with Ziggy for the week as time she goes on holiday it will be time for her to go back to work so last week she will get a chance for a while. Sunday No overtime today so had some time to...

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Frame my name - A review and competition.
I was offered the opportunity to review a framed name of my own choice from Frame my Name   and the product really appealed so I said yes please. Frame my name do exactly what the title says, they make beautiful framed names.  They also make height charts, ...

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Project 365 week 25
Sunday While I was at work the grandchildren came round with a Fathers Day card for Granddad and some home made crispie cakes that they had made unaided in the morning. Minky was really pleased with the card he had made and was very pleased when Granddad pu...
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