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Esperanto is a constructed language brought into being in an 1887 book by a Polish-Jewish doctor by the name of L. L. Zamenhof (1861-1917).  This constructed language was intended in part as an intellectual exercise which might contribute to greater…

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Congrats mom frere.
Huge Pride of the Day !
Le Concert GlassWorlds à la Philharmonie annoncé par Valeurs Actuelles : "Une Nuit Blanche Hypnotique par Nicolas Horvath"


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Goodbye, Radio Raheem. Bill Nunn, an actor known for his beloved role in Do the Right Thing, died on Saturday, September 24, filmmaker Spike Lee confirmed. He was 62.

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If the police union was looking for a way to prove Kaepernick’s point about the police, well, they succeeded. Kaepernick is arguing that police will abuse their power against a black man, immediately revert to force and threat to keep him down. And the Santa Clara police union is essentially saying he better shut up about that, or else.

Kaepernick is under no obligation to stand. He’s also hardly the first person to use a sports platform along with his First Amendment rights to make a point. “Tebowing,” anyone? Yet, the police do have a solemn obligation under the United States Constitution to provide the security that guarantees the Constitutional rights of all the tens of thousands of people in a football stadium if that is where they are deployed

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True to form, Mr. Horvath helps to promote my article. Merci.
Immense pride of the day ! (version française plus bas)
New Music Buff bog just did a fantastic article about my career !

Thank you so much dear Allan !!!! i feel so happy and proud to see that my visions and projects are appreciated !!!

I hope you will like the reading :) :) :)

Le blog New Music Buff vient tout juste de publier un article fantastique à propos de ma carrière !

Merci mille fois cher Allan !!!! je suis si heureux et fier de voir que mes rêves et projets sont appréciés !!!
J'espère que la lecture de cet article vous plaira :) :) :)

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Cool video.
Finally Out, my #PhilipGlass Court Metrage staring #HeleneChurch

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Obama Awards Bayard Rustin the Presidential Medal of Freedom

#BayardRustin: the gay black pacifist at the heart of the March on Washington

Though he was chief strategist for King's march, Rustin was kept in the background as some organizers considered him a liability. He died in 1987, and is sometimes forgotten in civil rights history. #billmoyers

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This is good news.
According to TIFF, Baldwin was unable to finish the ambitious book idea before his death, so all that remains of the idea are letters sent to his literary agent and 30 pages of preliminary notes for the book. “I Am Not Your Negro” will be based mostly on Baldwin’s notes, and will explore not only the writer and activist’s life, but race in America as a whole. Samuel L. Jackson narrates the film.

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Michael Nicolas is the new cellist of Brooklyn Rider as well as member of the International Contemporary Ensemble and numerous other affiliations.  This French Canadian/Taiwanese young man now residing in New York is definitely an emerging artist to watch…
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