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Think about how many more jobs we’d have if we didn’t have ATMs or other newfangled technologies like electricity. We could create factories of people who made hand-printed dollar bills by candlelight. The real challenge we face as a nation is finding enough horses and pigeons to deliver the cash to the people.
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We could just go back to shiny beads and trading potatoes. I could finally get my dream job as a horse handler down on main street. Have my marketing plan ready - ''old your 'orse Mister?'
I like it. The more technologies we erase, the more inventions we can remake and the better our economy will become. I can't wait to reinvent something important like horse shoes.
Great idea Aaron - Maybe I could reinvent the wheel - now what color should it be :)
I like Ford's original solution to the auto color dilemma: it can come in whatever color you want so long as you want black.
Ah that means I gotta reinvent paint too :)
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