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Paul Beyer
Always looking to make a difference. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness....this is my story.
Always looking to make a difference. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness....this is my story.
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+Patricia Beyer​ The Paul Project

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"MAN-DAYS" Weekend Garage Sale for Fellas...Come one, Come all...Everything must go!

#Seattle   #GarageSale   #GuysStuff  

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+Patricia Beyer .... Here's the link to the garage sale listing on Craiglist with all the pics!

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+Patricia Beyer +Sean Boyle 

Absolute Classic +Norb-Cam!

#GoHawks  +12 For 12s 

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On the "+12 For 12s Radio Show" this week, +Paul Beyer celebrates his ‪#‎50th‬ Episode and 1st Anniversary for the program TONIGHT. He welcomes "The Fish", +Andrew Fish Fain  from +Yahoo Sports & The Sports Jam Network. We'll talk about the National Sports perspective on the ‪ #DENvsSEA  Week-3 matchup from this last weekend. Additionally, we'll 'settle' our ongoing "Who's the Best Debater" with a few topics. As always, expect a complete breakdown of the BIG win, 'Quick Takes, 'Commentary', & rest of the ' #Hawks12 ‬'. A MUST LISTEN LIVE TONIGHT @7pmPST!


The 9/23/14 " #12For12sRadio  Episode #50 "National Perspective":

Opening Commentary: "National Perspective"

1. Byron Maxwell Exposed?
2. Russell Wilson : Cold-Blooded
3. Special Guest: "The Fish" Andrew Fain of Yahoo Sports and The SportsJAM Network
4. National Perspective of the DEN vs SEA Rematch in WK3 w/Fish
5. +NFL's Winners & Losers: AFC/NFC Teams w/Fish
6. NFL's Winners & Losers: The Players w/Fish
7. "A Friendly Debate" 
8. A Look Back: Offense
9. A Look Back: Defense
10. A Look Back: Keys to the Game
11. "Tale of Two Games"
12. LOL...+Denver Broncos Fan Reactions

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I want to break this down easy #12s....

We have a little less than 10-Days left before our Crowd-Funding +Indiegogo Project comes to an end. Many have given openly. Many have voiced their concerns with timing, location, and/or design. 

I get it...I really do. 

The thing is, the #12thMan , #12thLady , & rest of #HawksNation , are currently unable to enjoy a permanent fixture that embodies our fandom. We must be one of only a handful of +NFL teams without just such a monument. 

So why not +Build TheTip!

This isn't about a isn't even about the's about that moment, when all of us at once knew, we we're going to the Super Bowl. It's a celebration of a feeling, one that I try to recapture daily...I can't be the only one 

A grass-roots group of everyday people from all different backgrounds, found one another as part of this dream to erect a physical representation of that "Feeling".

Come join us in the "Build the Tip" initiative...we're all in this together!


Your Brother #12,

+Paul Beyer ~ +12 For 12s 

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Pretty Sweet Bunch of PICS...especially the last one! #GoHawks  +12 For 12s 

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+Pete Coleman > Are these the seats on the field you were thinking about getting for the season? OMG..NICE! #GoHawks  +12 For 12s 
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