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Maybe this is explained somewhere in the rules doc, and if so my apologies for not reading closely enough, but:

How exactly do Hunting Grounds work? What is their function?

All I see in the rules is the bit about the GM using the quality to make a fortune roll to determine passing opportunities for crime.

If that is the point of Hunting Grounds, then what exactly does that really mean. Is this a form of score generator?

Thanks in advance.

New to the Blades community, just picked up the Quickstart, and my group and I have had a great five or six sessions so far.

However, we're all big Black Company fans and I've noticed that the astounding Stras is working on a hack of Blades designed to emulate that feel.

Any word on that? Any way to get information, or access to playtest materials?

Appreciate your responses in advance.
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