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Man, it's hot

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I was wondering - quite a bit actually - on what is the posting/sharing etiquette for those of us who are active on G+, yet have the bulk of our friends stranded on Facebook?

Do we share links on both sites? Do we post our thoughts and witticisms here and there as well? What about pictures, videos and the rest? Or do we simply choose one and let the other be damned?

Haranguing people to make the switch isn't really an option, nor is not worrying about who sees our posts. The former isn't really polite while the latter does nothing good for the ego.

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Sick to my stomach

I met someone today who is on my Facebook friend list. We stopped to chat for about a minute before we both moved on to whatever else we were doing.

Ever since then I've been wondering why either of us would want to add the other into any of our Google+ circles and couldn't come up with a single reason. That's when I realized that I'm going to have far fewer people on Google+ than I have ever had on Facebook.

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