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Comercial business is always a trap, above all in music world. You only ear what they want you to ear. For Xmas give your friends a different gift, Give them good music!
#noncommercialmusic #tobeonsoundcloud #iplaytheguitarinthegarage
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The myth of the garage. It seems very common that revolutionary ideas start in a #garage (see Apple), but is it really true ? Or only is it a way to have a cool story and to have success?
Maybe it will be better to leave garages to persons who deserve them.
#garagepunk #fightclub
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STAIMUSIC is a streaming music service
We want to give you the opportunity to listen, to watch and to discover the music.

Diving in STAIMUSIC is:
- to find a personalized way
- to discover genres and ages
- to find out your personal music taste
- to listen to the music makes your body vibrate
- to enjoy strange music combinations
- to enter in the real musical essence
- to get you carry through stories, cities, concepts, old and avant-garde illusions

3 things that belong to us:
- creativity
- passion
- enthusiasm
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