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There’s a new Muppet on her way to where the air is sweet: Julia, the first Sesame Street character with autism, has joined the colorful muppet cast as part of Sesame Workshop’s new initiative, Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All Children
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Autism Expressed won grants from Penn's Grad School of Education and the Corzco Center for Creative Economy. It was also the Geekadelphia Startup of the Year for 2013, when it launched publicly. 
Check out this interview with our CEO Michele McKeone on See how Autism Expressed was created and where it’s headed! Then, to learn more about how we’re increasing inclusion into the workforce check our website,
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Technical savvy is increasingly important in our society. Today, classrooms and companies are becoming more tech based. Designed to increase inclusion into the workforce and society, our lessons teach important skills like navigating Google Drive, for example. Not only is this a necessary skill for the classroom, but it also improves social skills by promoting collaboration.

For more details about our lessons check out our website!
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Check out what one of our favorite users, Cheryl, has to say about our program! Cheryl facilitates an middle school autistic support classroom in Philadelphia.

"I believe Autism Expressed is one of the best education investments our district can make to provide a quality 21st century access curriculum to students in our Life Skills programs.  As an educator, I also am learning from it (especially technical language and Google Suite components) to improve and expand my practice."

Thanks, Cheryl! Read her whole reflection here:

Check out to learn more.
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At Autism Expressed our lessons are designed to increase inclusion into the workforce and society. One important skill necessary for success in our society is the ability to email! 

We’re proud that our lessons are seeing real results; one teacher reported that one of her students was regularly emailing his friends after this lesson. Emailing is not only a useful tool, but it also improves social skills in general! Beyond teaching the basics of email, we also teach about email safety. For example this lesson teaches about the dangers of phishing. 

For more lessons like these check out!
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We couple each online lesson with interactive supplemental materials that are designed to enforce the student’s understanding. In one activity, students must choose if given information is public or private in an online forum.
These activities also promote generalization of specific social skills and allow students to apply what they’ve learned to offline situations. Also, interacting with other students to make these decisions helps students improve their communication skills!
To see more materials like these check out our website
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The first and only online program of it’s kind, Autism Expressed teaches digital literacy in order to develop communication and socialization skills, time and task management and transition planning. While it feels like a game to users, it’s designed to increase opportunities for employment and social inclusion into our technology driven society.
Learn more about our program at our website!
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Digital literacy is one of the most important tools a young person can have in today’s technology driven society. The White House knows that. This year they spent $470 million on their #ConnectEd program, giving 30,000 schools Wifi and broadband access. They’re set up to spend $10 billion in the next two years. 

Autism Expressed is the only program of its kind that teaches digital literacy and life-skills to students with disabilities. They develop the same essential skills as their neurotypical classmates. This way, all of our students will be prepared to participate in today’s workforce and social fabric of society. 

The White House is doing it’s part to increase accessibility to technology for our schools. We’re here to make sure this opportunity is extended to those with diversified learning needs! 

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Beyond teaching basic technical skills, our lessons also cover topics like social networks. With this knowledge, students learn how to appropriately share information and interact with others on the internet.

This also improves students’ offline social skills! This example video teaches about Google Plus; students learn who they can connect with and how to interact appropriately within this network. 

For more lessons like these check out our website!
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"The moment you put the iPads in front of them, they start paying attention. They see the tablets as part of playing and do not think they are doing maths lessons or a communication task."

Teachers are mainly using technology as a tool for remediation and skill enhancement. Autism Expressed also teaches real world applications.

"Digitability and Autism Expressed combine skill enhancement & real world applications that assist students with learning how to understand, interact, and develop the tools to find their voice in this world." -Alton Strange, Transition Coordinator, School District of Philadelphia
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“As most states shift their required tests onto computers, teachers are discovering that their students are stumbling over an unexpected weakness: the keyboarding skills necessary to show what they know.” (Education Weekly)

Student’s at Autism Expressed are ahead of this curve because our curriculum provides a strong foundation for digital literacy! In fact, one of our teachers, Cheryl Padgett, shares that her students are, “more knowledgeable than some students in general education classes because they are getting the technical exposure through Digitabilty.” To learn more about how we increase individuals’ inclusion into the workforce check out our website!
As most states shift their required tests to computers, teachers are discovering that their students are missing key technical skills to show what they know.
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Autism Expressed was featured on Education Dive last month in an article citing the best resources for autistic students to navigate K-12 grade! Author Allie Gross reasons that our students are better equipped to integrate into the workforce post-graduation because they understand important tools like LinkedIn and Google Drive.

To learn more about our lessons and see how our students are learning check out our website at
April is Autism Awareness Month, a time to encourage tolerance and inclusion, as well as a prime opportunity for schools to brush up on options for autistic students.
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Digital Life Skills for Students with Autism
Autism Expressed was born out of advocacy. It represents the belief that students with Autism can achieve more. That is why we have dedicated our work to providing our students the skills to pursue their independence and autonomy. As Autism Expressed students learn to express their knowledge and values through current modes of social communication, they will not only develop marketable digital age skills, but also a sense of empowerment to advocate for themselves and others with Autism. 

We see our product as a catalyst in a new and innovative type of cognitive and social development for this generation of adolescents with Autism and those who come thereafter. Join the movement!
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