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Dominic Moretto
The pursuit of knowledge never ceases
The pursuit of knowledge never ceases

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Dominic Moretto hung out with 1 person.Joe Orton

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So it's been forever since I posted on this. So I thought I'd share the photos of the art installation I'm working on for Lucidity Festival 2013. So here you go. From beginning to.....where I'm at now. 
Temple of the Three Treasures
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Panamint City Expedition: Apocalypse Edition (12/21/12-12/22/12)
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Beach at UCSB looking towards Henley Gate.

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what the awesome
Probably one of the coolest pieces of sidewalk art I have seen. Photo by: Rosalind Hughes
I always try to post interesting, mind blowing pictures in the morning :)

I wrote something for Laura today. Today is an ugly, ugly anniversary.

365 days without your smile
365 days of not being able to listen to rocky raccoon
365 days of heartbreak because you left us early
365 days without your presence
365 days filled with parties you didn’t attend
365 days filled with life and experiences made a little less hollow
Because your not around

365 days since you left us so abrubtly
365 days and the wounds have still not healed
365 days is 365 too long
And god damnit we miss you
And we’ll never forget you
Or the impact you had on us all

365 days, of crying whenever we thought of you
365 days of knowing what it feels like to have you gone
365 days of wishing we could have stopped you
And let you know what your absence would do to us all

365 days? I can’t believe it’s been this long.
The pain seared into my heart, 365 days long ago
Doesn’t feel so long, and still feels just as fresh.
God damnit Laura I miss you
And there’s hundreds who feel the same

365 days without your laugh, piercing though it may be
365 days without your friendship, as wonderful as can be
365 days without your beautiful face that you put on each morning with care
365 days without your biting wit and snarky comebacks
365 days without your dark humor and ridiculous put downs that made us laugh until our sides hurt
365 days without your voice
365 days without your companionship

365 days without you.

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As much as I love this show, there are definitely some errors with it.
I saw this at Reddit. It contains Walking Dead spoilers for episode 201, but pretty much covers all the things I thought were horribly, horribly wrong with the episode.

Two things that aren't in this image that bothered me will be in comments, for those who wish to avoid spoilers.

I should really use Google plus more

10 years ago, my childhood and so many others was ripped away from us and the first ugly, nasty look of how the world operates was thrust up on our shoulders. I don't remember what the world was like before 9/11 and I wonder if we'll ever be able to go back. I can't believe it's been 10 years and I can't believe how much the world has changed.

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I have the best girlfriend evar. +Rose Meza sure knows how to make a man happy
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