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Fancy writing for a music blog?
Are you the type of person who, when you discover a sick track, video, album etc. that you just want to share that beauty with anyone who would remotely appreciate it's worth? Or are you a budding journalist with a keen interest in electronic music be that ...

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Is reality a simulation?
Jim Carrey has been all over social media news recently but this time not for his acting, in fact, quite the opposite. It's his lack of 'acting' or rather his shedding of character (ego) that has hit the timelines where he has been sharing his 'existential ...

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Importance of human connection
Each day we connect with others, a brief smile, a glance, a full-blown conversation and everything in between; each of these moments are incredibly important to our life-experience and often overlooked.  Human connection is magical.  Human energy exchange t...

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Copenhagen in Oct - looking for recommendations
In October we're off to the Dane's capital of Copenhagen for a short break based around the Sigur Ros concert at Forum (excited!) so if anyone has any recommendations of food, drink, activities, shopping (clothes/records) please fling them my way!

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UKBassMusic is back online
Some years ago, Lara and I spent months (+ the rest) setting up - it was an all-singing, all-dancing interactive magazine with interviews, reviews, event listings, videos, mixes and so much more relating to the scene(s) we love within Electr...

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I'm a Junglist
That first sight of the Amazon (Jungle & River) from the plane was such an intensely overwhelming moment. Even now I'm still in disbelief that we're actually here, it feels like a dream! I definitely maybe did a little cry when we saw the beautifully green ...

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2 Nights in Lima... Rainforest incoming
We've now been here 2 nights, arriving late Friday night and are already saying goodbye to our first Airbnb apartment, £40 per night for a huge place in an incredibly interesting neighbourhood named  Lince. It's difficult to explain the culture at first gla...

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Hasta Luego Peru!
Having been on my Bucket list for several years I'm finally on my way to visit the beautiful country of Peru. As I write this I am 35,000 feet in the air above somewhere in France en route to our stop over in Madrid and surprisingly, I'm pretty chilled cons...

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Today was Peachy and I's annual meet up.  Peachy is one of those friends who gets it. I'm blessed to have such a beautiful person in my life. She's one of my main examples of not having to have known each other years, nor even know most things about, but wh...

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Today I Rise - Inspirational poem
I'm not normally one to endorse 'woman power' as I feel forcing the issue does nothing for equality, in fact quite the opposite sometimes, but this poem got me. It is empowering to either gender, a reminder of your potential, influence and worth. Enjoy.x To...
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