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Jason Fierstein
"The Man That Men Can Talk To" | Counselor/Owner of Phoenix Men's Counseling
"The Man That Men Can Talk To" | Counselor/Owner of Phoenix Men's Counseling

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So you "should" do this and you "should" do that - but do you really even get around to doing it?

Consider the role of "The Shoulds" in your life - are they productive or harmful? Do they actually work against you?

Read on for more on how to deal with your shoulds:

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If you deal with a strong inner critic, you're inhibiting your chances at greater happiness and a stronger self-esteem. Read these ideas to help you quiet your self-critic and be kinder to yourself.

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Secularization is a bitch.

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Good idea.

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Do you have a difficult time getting your emotional needs met in your primary relationship or marriage? Is it you, or your partner, or both?

Watch my video and find my 6 factors that will help you get more of your emotional needs met in your marriage/relationship.

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I always thought that if we revered our elderly the way other cultures do, instead of putting them away in homes, that there might be less senior depression. 

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Quick fixes for your bad mood.
If you find yourself feeling the blues a little too much lately, practice a little self-care and check out these 15 helpful tips for breaking bad moods.

#badmood #selfcare  

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There are plenty of ways to not do therapy, but ultimately it might really be beneficial, or even life changing, if you experience it yourself.
Even though the word "therapy" or "counseling" are now known by quite a few people; the idea about what it is and what it involves is still confusing for most of them. An infographic that clearly busts some common myths and misconceptions about therapy:
(In India, insurance might not cover counseling charges but yes, therapists do provide concessions and there are ngos that help out those in dire need)
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How was your year, overall? Were you happy with yourself, or not so much?

Every year, I publish an end-of-the-year self-assessment to help you gauge your highs and lows, the "what worked and what didn't work" in various areas of your life. We cover questions to ask yourself, and consider life areas and sub-areas to look at to thoroughly assess your past year.

It's kind of like reverse goal-setting, and it's easier because your year has already happened.
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