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A question popped to my head when doing some work on a site that is using Modernizr: “What do people mainly use Modernizr for?”. I asked Paul Irish on Twitter and he generously shared the last 30 days...
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polyfills for IE<9, check for touch to add html.touch to create a touch optimised experience (or a no-touch experience for desktop) in terms of hovers, etc.
Nothing ATM. Mainly because I'm not sure what it can do that css fallbacks can't. It just seems to add a layer of complexity that I don't need. Is it true or am I missing something?
+Scott Grodberg Geolocation, touch events and other HTML5 features fall outside of CSS fallbacks. I'll rarely detect for CSS features unless I'm using them to conditionally load in a script (See this for example: But there are certainly lots of use cases for feature detection.
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