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I suck at git/github and need to get a lot better. I asked for resources and here's what people came back to me with:

- Git Roundup by @kevinSuttle

- Git, the Simple Guide
- Git SCM
- Gitimmersion
- Github's help documents
- Let's suck at Github together by +Chris Coyier
- Git for Designers
- Think Like a Git via +Ryan Anklam

- Pro Git
- Git from the Ground Up
- Getting Good with Git via +Paul de Wouters

- Gitref
- Github's help documents

- A Successful Git Branching Model

- Git Tower
- Git Box

- Online Github Training

What other Git/github resources do you find valuable?
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Awesome. I signed up for a github account recently but haven't really made the time yet to really learn my way around.
Now if there was just a way to pin/save g+ posts. That'd be nice to be able to file them away for later without having to resort to setting up circles, sharing, filtering and all that.
I'm a fan of Tower, but mostly because it can do Git without GitHub which I need pretty often for work and some stuff I have on Beanstalk. If you ONLY use GitHub the GitHub for mac app is super duper rad. No dealing with stupid SSH keys and fancy git terminology, everything is either invisible or humanized.
Bookmarked! I feel the same way, certain things I want to do but not sure I can. Sometimes a bit scared to rely on it. Sometimes hit errors and cant proceed! Hope I can find some help in your links. Thanks
Just as an addition, I got stuck into GIT last year whilst working on a project and wrote up some commands / tips at which may be of help to some.
GIT is supposed to help with version control etc. but due to having errors I did not understand, and issuing some commands I found to get past the error, I ended up with an OLD version of a file I had, with no version of the new one in GIT. Had to get the correct one from backups. Go figure! So these sorts of tutorials are definitely needed as GIT is clearly not a failsafe.
David B
Great resource.
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