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whoaaa...people actually use this thing???

i can't believe people actually use this google+ thing...

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ooo...i wanna do something like this too!
So this is a totally fun distraction for lunch... Well okay it is if you're a geek. Some guy wired two old 3.5 inch floppy drives together and programmed them to play the Imperial March from Star Wars....

firefox 7...

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So, I've been playing around this evening with the new Facebook interface for your profile.... I have to say my early review is that it's pretty cool... Certainly much more stylized... I'll let you know about usability once I've had a chance to play with it a bit more.

Here's a screenshot of what your profile will ultimately look like.... Note a few things...

- You now have the option to put in what's called a "cover" - I chose one of my beautiful wife's photographs (one of my faves)
- Your Friends, Photos, Maps (which appears to list all the places you've checked in or mentioned in posts) and your Likes appear as thumbnails. Clicking into them brings you to those things.
- Your Status... Which actually prompts you now for who you want to share with and whether you want to share location or not...
- Then under that is the new thing that everyone's talking about - the Timeline... It's relatively interesting so far - although I'm kinda like "meh, Facebook's rendering of my life isn't nearly as interesting as my actual life".... Maybe it will be more interesting over.. ahem... time... It seems much more interesting for others... As in it's a great "stalking" app - as you can see what I've been up to going backward in time instead of the non-linear way now.... As you scroll down you go backwards in time... In the screenshot you can see my latest activity (e.g. uploading my photo etc..).

Unless you have a developer app account you can't get the new timeline - and you'll continue to see mine in the old style for a while.... If you're game for a little hacking about, this techcrunch article will show you how to get it...

Hope this is helpful...

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finally a pc laptop i'd actually buy. i hope they dun screw this up

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haha...deep in the pockets!!!
Do you remember your Dad's car when you were a kid? Somehow this ad hit an emotional chord with me.
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