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How to rank for the individual terms of a compound domain name with Google using the HTML span tag.

I own the site and wanted to make sure that the search engines understood that my site was about the two words "Conjugate Verb" and not just the compound word of ConjugateVerb. On the links to the home page I used the HTML span tag to separate "Conjugate" and "Verb" as follows:

<a href=""><span>Conjugate</span><span>Verb</span>.com</a>

The user sees but Google sees it as "Conjugate" and "Verb" and  ".com". I have evidence of this as I noticed in Google Analytics that there were several Google searches for the term "" which showed my site,, as a result.

Because there was a span between "Conjugate" and "Verb", Google thought that the two adjacent terms of "Verb" and ".com" were together without including "Conjugate".

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