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Hi everyone, first time poster here.  I'm trying to get opinions on an SEO disaster.  I'd appreciate if anyone had any thoughts.  We had a website (ecommerce, 8 years old, 600k indexed pages, Panda problems due to poor content product pages, but no penguin problems) relaunch on 12/14 with the following major changes:

• New IP
• New Server (Apache to Nginx)
• New design
• New chat feature
• New titles and meta descriptions sitewide
• Some new content
   o New homepage text
   o Reworded some other static page text
   o New image alt attributes
   o Added new wording to product pages (delivery rates, warranty, common accessories, new shipping images, new schema markup, new links to related product pages, as well as appropriate image alt attributes)
• New breadcrumb and local business schemas
• New sitewide links to social media sites (Facebook, G+, Linkedin)
• New URL structure
   o Removed .html extension (301 redirect) for all product page URLs (approximately 500k URLs)
   o Changed URL structure with 301 redirect and content of catalog pages (approximately 100k URLs)
   o Removed subcategories (currently a 302 redirect)
• New information architecture 
   o Added new top nav links (links to category pages) sitewide
   o Added new top nav manufacturer links to the homepage 
   o Added breadcrumbs to all pages
   o Added category catalog pages and an "All products" catalog
   o Added related products links to homepage, category pages, manufacturer pages, and product pages
   o Added an html sitemap link in the top nav
   o Added rel next/prev to catalog pages
• Turned off wildcard subdomains

Our Google traffic has dropped by 60% WOW since launch.  There have been some 301 redirect issues, but most of those have been ironed out.  My boss wants to revert back to the old site (an SEO "guru" told him to do this today), but I think it's risky because Google has already crawled about 100k - 200k URLs on the new site, and 100k - 200k 301 redirects from the old site.

Should we revert or stay the course?  Thanks in advance.

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This is awesome!

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This is amazing. Must watch.

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Google Street View at night: 4220 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Studio City, California

I don't know if this is cool or terrible.

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It's finally here!

A UI change already!?

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Are you kidding me?
With almost 3.5 acres of direct oceanfront, this Maui home is one of the largest properties on the North Shore. From the moment one drives through its gated entry leading to a tunnel of palm trees, a sense of complete serenity and privacy overcomes the senses, creating the perfect setting for relaxation and island living. The open floor plan primed for entertaining and emphasis on luxurious yet understated finishes becomes apparent. Truly a piece of art.
Rare North Shore Home (6 photos)
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