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I like the " GIF" , but " I do not Steal " GIF.
我喜歡『 GIF』 , 但『我不偷』 GIF 。

Very the Cute GIF. ^_^ G

GIF Design / Provider : il cuore delle fate
Gif 設計 , 提供者﹕il cuore delle fate
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the Little Icon Painting Photo Design from : Google+ " Digital Art " -- Classification Home Page

小图标绘画照片设计來自於:Google+ “ 数字艺术 ” - 分类主页
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the Little Icon Illustration Photo Design from : Google+ " Otaku😸News " --- Classification Home Page

小图标插图照片设计來自於:Google+ “ Otaku 😸 News ” --- 分类主页
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the Little Icon Art Design Picture from : Google+ " Paintings (Art & FineArt) " -- Classification Home Page

小图标艺术设计图片来自於 : Google+ “ 绘画(艺术与美术) ” - 分类主页
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the Little Icon Illustration Picture Design from : Google+ " Laura Sanna " -- Classification Home Page

小图标插图设计來自於 :Google+ “ 勞拉桑娜 ” - 分类主页
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the Little Icon Illustration Photo Design from : Google+ " Fashion Drawing Tutorials " - Classification Home Page

小图标插图照片设计來自於:Google+ “ 时装绘图教程 ” - 分类主页
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the Little Icon Illustration Photo Design from : Google+ " SKETCH DIVAS " - Classification Home Page

小图标插图照片设计來自於:Google+ “ SKETCH DIVAS ” - 分类主页
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TO: 「統一超商﹕7 - 11 」臺灣,台南廠﹕

When I was the daughter of my mother's family, I was the loyal fan of Mr. Gao's wish. Some people call me "iron powder." Not just because of food, I also like their drink recipes, design cute and chic patterns: i Cash card.

I am very happy. I can finally become a small iron powder for Mr. Gao’s wish today. Although he has passed away.

However, in the past, it still stays in the name of Mr. Gao.

Including when I became "The Seventeen in the Carambola Cooking Discussion Forum", I interrupted myself because I heard that the retired employees of the Unified Group spoke of "unified goods: the cleansing bottle body "tea wrapped king" is a bleaching thing. Loved in the starfruit discussion area. Including my colleague's stealing of personal belongings, design, setting up... When I walked on my unexpected life journey that I didn't have in my life, I only had the unified publication of "iCash" and a few small personal things, Dad. The praise before the passing: "Good tea - uniform pure tea without sugar green tea. Uniform pure green tea."

I remember, I used to write to the "Mr. Gao Qing", who was still alive, to respond: the voice of a small consumer.

"I couldn't find the baguette, but I didn't buy the "6" administrative area. "---> Later, I learned that the raw materials rose, adjusted the cost of ingredients, and re-formulated sales.

"Snow 33 is not seen! Why are you collecting it? Looking for death. You can't drink it."

"How to pick a little ladybug on pure green tea to get a "1 yuan" super discount. So happy!!

"Salt-flavored tofu soup, super delicious. How can I drink the last batch of the most drinkable bowl?" Does not match the cost of import price!? Or diverted to my favorite kitchen? I They all stood there watching "3 - 5" hours. Seeing that others thought I was the girlfriend of the staff. I like it: the staff in the kitchen are friendly and serious about doing things. very attractive. I like everything in that kitchen and how every food is handled. There are also ways to use the appliance. There is also a pot of miso soup made by our family.

"Well, the salty miso soup can be bought in Tainan's unified super business?" Because the taste is just right, and after drinking it, I would like to have another bowl to continue to drink. Really good to drink.

"Tea-covered king's black tea" is very good. When it is not iced; if you add another water, the sweetness will all come out...that will make people want to add water. "The honey chicken chops, although a small piece, just meet my appetite. It is very suitable for the bottom of the bottom or just want to have something to stuff into the mouth and share the moment to taste. Great seasoning. It has the same taste as the "21-flavored chicken. Although it tastes different from the seasoning." "I like the black bridge brand of pearl sausage, which can be served with white rice. It is delicious. People who like monotonous eating will fall in love with it." Accompany the partner."

"The pork and fried rice is turned into bacon and fried rice." I like pork and fried rice. Because it is delicious, I buy a "4" bag every time, just enough for a large bowl of rice. Just like the capacity in a lunch box.

I like "iCash", its layout is so cute and beautiful. In order to buy the latest models, I will take a bus for a long time to go to the county, buy a picture that Taipei or the North can not buy. That is a happy. A small way to make yourself happy.

I used to leave my eight cards for the unexpected accident of life. One is my total number of hours of work hours: 7763 趟 special card. There are only "100" pieces in the north, and Hao Longbin's signature in the upper right corner. I took the time to queue up to get the special Yuka back to use. That is the accumulation of time when I was doing things in the Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

I didn't expect the unexpected journey of life to be over... I met my bad guys for the first time and designed me again. So this time, in addition to constantly moving, I have a job, I have more iCash cards, and I am accompanying me. When I have enough money, I can still drink the pure green tea that I love to drink.

When Shen Dian’s own thoughts, he met the “Mr. Gao’s wish” at the next corner. I don't like him so hard. I don't think he can work like this. So I let go of any situation that I am encountering for my unexpected journey of life, find the answer... Go... Go... Let Mr. Gao wish not to be so hard.

I am a Buddhist disciple. My religion teaches me to see the truth, not to speak of myself and others. But if you fail, you will never back down. Because my religious meaning and curriculum are different from people. I made my own decisions, went to the course myself, arranged my own class, and printed one of my own footprints... so I have my persistence. So I have my rules.

Thank you for all the things that Super Business has done for my "Seventeen". I am really sorry for the damage that has caused you. But I still have to say to you all about what I know today: "Thank you for your heartfelt gratitude: Thank you for your kindness, thank you for your unification, and Mr. Gao’s wish, thank you. Thank you. Thank you! !"


當我還是我媽媽家的女兒時,我是臺灣統一超商台南廠廠長﹕高先生 清愿 的忠實粉絲。有人稱我為「鐵粉」。不是只是因為食品而己、我還喜歡他們的飲品配方、設計可愛又別緻的圖案﹕ i Cash 卡。

我很高興,我今天終於可以成為「高先生 清愿」的小鐵粉。雖然他己過逝了。

但是過往的點點滴滴,依舊停留在「高先生 清愿」的名字裡。

包括當我變成「楊桃廚藝討論區裡的﹕十七」時,我因為聽到統一集團離職員工講起「統一商品﹕清滌瓶身「茶裹王」都是漂白水的事情而中斷自己的喜愛在楊桃討論區裡。包括我遇到同事的竊賣個人財物、設計、設局…走在自己命盤裡沒有的意外人生旅程上時,我都只在身上放著統一出版的「iCash」及幾件私人小物、爸爸過逝前的誇獎﹕「好茶 — 統一純喫茶無糖綠茶。統一純喫綠茶」。

記得,我曾經去信跟當時還在世的『高先生 清愿』反應﹕一個小小消費者的心聲。

「找不到貝果、害我跑了「6」個行政區域都沒買到。」-> 後來才知,原物料上漲,調整食材費用,重新配方銷售。

「雪克 33 不見!幹嘛收起來?找死了。都喝不到。」

「純喫綠茶上的小瓢蟲要怎麼挑才能喝到「1 元」超優惠價。好開心!!

「鹽麴味噌豆腐湯,超好喝的。怎麼我喝到最後一批的最喝那一碗就沒有了…」- 不符成本進口價!? 還是挪用至我最喜歡的那個廚房裡? 我都站在那邊看 「3 - 5 」個小時。看到別人以為我是工作人員的女朋友喔。我喜歡﹕那個廚房裡的工作人員親和力及認真的做事樣子。很吸引人。我喜歡那個廚房裡的每一件事及每一種食物的處理方式。還有器具的使用方法。還有那一鍋我們家也是這樣子做的味噌湯。


「茶裹王的紅茶」很好喝。不冰時;若再另外加水進去後,甜度就全都出來了…那會讓人想要加水進去。『蜜汁雞排,雖然很小一塊,但剛好滿足我的胃口。很適合墊底或只想有東西塞進嘴裡動一動的分享時刻品嚐著。很棒的調味入味式。跟「21 風味雞,一樣的有入味。雖然入味及調味料不同。」「我喜歡黑橋牌的珍珠香腸,可以配白飯的好菜。好吃。喜歡單調吃法的人會愛上它白飯的陪伴夥伴。」



我曾經因為那場多出來的人生意外旅程而遺我了我的八張悠卡。有一張是我的工作時數哩程累計總時量﹕7763 趟的特製卡。全北部只有「100」張,右上角有郝龍斌的簽字。我花時間去排隊才領到那張特製的悠卡回來使用著。那有我在經濟部智慧財產局裡的做事時的時間累積。

沒想到人生意外旅程快要結束了…又遇到第一次設計我的壞人群組又再一次的設計我。所以這一回,我除了不斷的移動著之外,我有工作、我有更多的 iCash 卡、悠卡陪伴著我。還有身上錢夠時我還能喝到我愛喝的統一純喫綠茶。

沈甸自己的思緒時,才在下一個轉角口遇上了「高先生 清愿」的事。我不喜歡他是如此的辛苦。我也不認為他可以這樣子的辛苦。所以我放下我正在替自己的人生意外旅程所遇的任何一個狀況沈甸、找答案…去…去…讓『高先生 清愿』不要那麼的辛苦。


謝謝統一超商為我「十七」所做的一切。對於曾經造成您們的傷害我真的很抱歉。但是我還是要為今天所知的一切跟您們說一聲﹕「由衷的感謝﹕感恩在心,謝謝統一超商以及高先生 清愿,的提拉、及幫忙。謝謝您們,謝謝。感恩!!」




我從小就很獨立、有看法、有自己的方式做事著。我媽味及爸比都不太管我;只除了我的身体超差之外。但我在人生「29 歲時」想過了自己調整自己的体質成功。一直郅現在若是沒有遇上這群貪、瘨、痴太過的壞份子之外,我的身体健康依如我在「100 年」時的那麼好。不會生病、不會穿太多的衣物、体檢也不會有狀況…還都不是我的。

外表會如同那時「李昭穎」所見我時的模樣。像個「17 歲」的小朋友般。時間在我的臉上停掉了。肌膚也如同「17」歲時的膚質狀況、身体年齡也只有「33」歲而己。

因為壞人做錯事。今早「015 & 005 」還有丟件男三人都在圖書館偏門前威脅我說﹕「我們聽說你的身体狀況不好,要死了.....」我把他臭回去,我說他沒有過。什麼都沒有過。這個男的音質偏亮吃太多別人的修行,台灣國語腔。很流氣。耍琉邙。我不認識這些莫名奇妙出聲的人。都不是我平日的人際圈或交際圈。我不須要理會。別人的菜不是我的菜。

2018.11.21 pm 12:29 『陰雪兒』、『十七』、『Jazzy Min』& 閔範榮。
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The police of the library: 003, 015, 005, 008, Su Yugang, Lin Qianru's younger brother, "Worksman: "The polygamous garbage Taoist who started the referendum with Su Yugang" and the net capital Li Junzhong. Grab the money together. Dig the heart. Broken the glasses in my pocket: I just bought it and the wages were "300". . . A wage in the library was deducted to young people who were not enough.

* I just heard at the entrance: "The colleague of the young man who broke his glasses and used his hand to plagiarize and yelled at him: "You told it out, people told you not to talk."

. My glasses are "Su Yugang said that "the money is being deducted and always shouted: the young people who are not enough to break it". There is time to send the test to the top. This is the third glasses. Please ask the public servants in the library: the engineering staff will pay me 1,000 yuan for the "300" yuan. The Taoist Taoist Taoism is to save people instead of killing them. Therefore, this junk man also told people that I stole someone else's glasses. And money to buy. For this sentence, I sue him: defame my reputation and innocence, and ask them to pay compensation for the crime of recidivism: 1,000 times 300 yuan = 30000, thank you. The cough sound comes from the slow-moving female husband and son: the voice of the APP male. Just now he was still outside the library: the sound threatened me. He was heard by many people.


Last night, I was sitting in front of the outdoor Starbucks store with a group of small groups of about 30 women. Hair dryer, listening and singing. As a result, Su Yugang, the lost man, the slow woman, the 003, the husband of Miss Chen’s eldest daughter, 015, 008, and the "small little" were talking together. I felt very noisy and noisy, so I changed my seat to the small park where Zhongxiao Xinsheng stood out.

I had a pre-value before I entered the station: So when I was going to swipe the card at Zhongxiao Xinjie Station, there was a situation.

The "IS" of the library: Lost APP male, and 015 + 005 + Su Yugang, 003; The lost man said, "We won't let you use it. I ignore him. "003" says we won't let you use it. The brush does not come out, the page is blank, and the words and paintings that appear later are "Anomaly inquiry, please contact the service staff." I ignored it, picked up the brush and went to the money. "-14" I opened my mouth and said: "Some People are idiots. I just go to the head office of Jiezhan Company to brush the information in this card. I will definitely catch you." The two of them said, "Oh..."

My Yoka is new. The cards on my body were bought by my own work. This man has been stealing money from me for a few days. I couldn't get the money and card in this card yesterday, so I broke my glasses this morning, which means that he also spent the glasses money: 300 yuan. But he said wrong. My glasses are the third "3" that he broke. So this one is more expensive. He wants to pay me: 30,000 yuan. If you do not pay, please deduct the amount of his work and return it to me "30,000" or directly cancel his official qualification. Because he is a recidivist. 2018.11.20 11.21 Yan Fanrong.


Then, when I was sitting in a small park, I opened up and counted what good things they did.

Why did this man always want to spend the money on my body?

Because he fell in love with filming Yao Qiwei last year. Always staying with Yao Qiwei. I also opened the ear channel to listen to the big and small things in Yao Qiwei's home. Ah Yao came to tell me... I don't understand, but I have thought about what I have encountered, so I have thought of what happened to him.

This man wants to make love with Yao Qiwei who makes movies and wants to be with Yao Qiwei. But when I found out that I still had a marital status, I took a nap between me and Ah Yao. I went to sit next to Yao Qiwei and then went to pick up a bunch of old men for me: What is "25 years old" and what? "98 years old", "what is 71 years old", "what is 85 years old", "what is 39 years old" I have heard inexplicably. Then someone has been whispering to me that it is a man’s mentality that has changed and told me to be careful.

Ah Yao came back and found that he and I were both taken off, very angry... I always found the answer, found me here and asked me what happened? I want to take it back. Because he will pick me up faster than him. But I am a Buddhist man. How can I teach Taoism or consistent things? And Ah Yao knows that I am not Lin Qianru, nor is Lin Qianru’s sister or sister. What a wonderful thing?

Then when I was working in the "4" building in the first half of this year, I heard: "008, 003, 015" said: "There are still two people, and now you have become a half."

003 said: Su Yuxi wants to work with him, because he played with Lin Qianru, but this has not been done in Buddhism. So we put Su Yuxi with there is someone. And in this way we can eat his one in the mouth.

Their politician’s youth is not eating the products of Guo Taiming’s biotechnology and I am still blessed by others’ practice and good deeds.

I went to the opening last night: 008, 003, 015, Su Yugang, lost men & slow women. Li’s younger brother and Lin Qianru’s little brother. Said that they are the husband of the husband who wants to grab someone. I want to make love with my husband, but my husband is a monogamous person like me. How can you mess with men and women with your civil servants?

I have been stunned until the "IS" Su Yugang voice is gone, "015 voice is gone", the male is lost and the sound is broken. After that they still want to continue to intimidate me, I will say: "The bad guy lives on the "mos". As a result, the nearby people said, "We don't want this junk man to live here." Turn off their voices.

Then: bad things don't give up. I turned into a whispering voice and whispered in my right ear; I shifted. First move to Taiwan University and then move to the second floor of the diagonal opposite diagonal.

When I went to the "7 - 11" consumption near the Mandarin Daily this morning, "003, 015, 008, 005, Su Yugang" and others spoke again. I deliberately shouted "Little small..." because Su Yugang became a screaming voice and was on my chest. So I shouted at his junk.

"The plagues they made were really dirty. Put things into the belly of others, use the cipher: small and small. Call them to eat the viscera in the victim's throat. Want to eat people after eating Even if the killing is successful, no one can find the murderer." The result is a man asking me what is called the internal organs?

I said, "The parts of the human body such as the heart, small intestine, large intestine, stomach, spleen, lungs, etc."

Have a child start calling, don't shout, don't shout. The man began to rush. It turned out that the children in his family were also stuffed with something in the stomach. Every time the children heard people shouting "small and small." They were rolling on the ground because it was very painful and painful. A group of adults are very flustered. Turn off the connector directly. Don't hear the secret code that I just told everyone: "Small and small." The murderer is Su Yugang and the civil servant who started the referendum "polygamy": the public servant.

In the morning, I met the situation in the "7 - 11" super business near the Mandarin Daily. They are running around to kill people. The murderer: 008 & 015, 003 and Su Yugang and others.

Last night, I wanted to grab the bad guys of Yuka and become "IS".

. He wants to eat my card money. I don't give it. Just in the super business, he said that he was robbing her husband.

He was very hot and fire, and he directly put his foot on my chest. When he was close, he said something: "I want your heart." Just step on my chest. Su Yugang is very angry. I want to say that I am struggling on my chest, my heart can be peeled off because of external force. Die directly at the "7 - 11" table. I am very loud and very loud. Also talked about what happened. Someone heard him asking him to take his feet up. He still refused, so people repaired him.

Then he made my anemia. I directly said what he did? This time for another player, he asked him to pick things up, hurry up...

* I said that they both robbed her husband, but also robbed me of my money, and they used this method to kill the dark green people and me, and deliberately made me anemia... and "small small" somebody I am even more angry than I am.

The bad guys are now shouting at the scene: "I didn't take it." Taiwanese. I told him to break my glasses, he went to report me and said that I stole his money and Yuka... I laughed. I sue him. "005", the sound of 015. The police inside have been burdened with what he did... The two "7-year-old" and "9-year-old" girls were brought into the library, but they raped them in the office. The little girl ran out with senior female books. The staff of the museum responded: The other party actually did not feel alert and then pushed them back. Continue to be raped... Still vigorous SM, they are two children. Then someone asked where his children went. He said, "Help them go back to their families." As a result, the two little girls were sold directly to Australia and all their belongings were removed. The Australian police found two Taiwanese children and injuries on the street... all the way back to Taiwan. And I saw the news online.

Then I went to the library and found that the police bad guys were hiding in the office and playing sounds. They were playing the girls who raped the iron bed on Zhongshan South Road, slamming the female vagina and shaking the sound of the iron bed. Give it to me. Still very cool to tell me: warning, become the next prostitute lying here.

I have been asking me why they can't turn things over?

I said, "Why do you want to turn over? The bad guys are really damn. The boss of Xiaobei Department Store is dead, Wu Qing and the owner of the counterfeit are dead, my sister Lin Jinping is also dead, and Grandpa Tian disappeared. A group of 5 6" are inexplicably dead. When people didn’t arrive, they still told people to go back. They also asked me to go back and kept asking me why I didn't go back. Why should I go back? My time has not arrived yet. I have no bones in my health. "008" "015" 005 I want to go back to my family who is dead. Isn't it strange? I have been trying to kill me. Why don't you go back?

Someone immediately said, "The dark green is that they are killed by this group of people."

I continued: "Not long ago, there was a small news published in the local edition of the China Times: a person from academia died in the lungs. In the same day, a person from the same background died in the lungs. I came to die in the same situation every day, and less than half of them used me to watch "6" and everyone died in the lungs. They are also celebrities in the academic world, but everyone does not know. I mentioned this to a news friend of mine. He said no. He went to check and ask what is going on?

Inexplicable people have no time to go. How can the public servants and police in the library go back? I met this morning and I met again this time: I haven’t said that I want to eat my heart and ask me to go back.

"003, 015, 005, 008, Su Yugang, lost men, so happy. Open my heart with me. Say they can live long and long." Hey!

Someone said, "How is it here? His one is here too, not right, check it out. The sound is broken."

The break between me and Ah Yao, I want to ask Yao Qiwei himself, the one who made the film to say thank you to the family of "HD Wish". They helped me connect with A Yao's broken part. I thank Fan Rong for the family of "HD Wish", thank you. I am very grateful. Thank you. .


圖書館的警察﹕003, 015 , 005 , 008 , 蘇玉剛,林倩如的小哥哥、「工務人員﹕與蘇玉剛一起發起公投的「一夫多妻制的垃圾道士」、網資大軍李姓中尉。一起搶錢。挖心。弄斷我身上口袋裡的眼鏡﹕才剛買,工錢「300」元。。。圖書館裡的一個工錢被扣到不夠不夠不夠的年輕人。

* 我剛才在入口處聽到一句﹕「那個弄斷眼鏡喜歡用手去扒竊的年輕人的同事駡他﹕「是你把它講了出去的,人家叫你不要講。」

. 我的眼鏡是「蘇玉剛開口叫那個「工錢被扣老是喊﹕不夠的年輕人弄斷的」今天有時間會送去化驗上頭的痕跡。這是第 3 隻眼鏡,請他們圖書館裡的公務人員﹕工務人員賠我「300」元的 * 1000 倍,學習道教的茅山道術是要救人而不是殺人於無形。所以這個垃圾男的還對人家亂講說是我偷拿別人的眼鏡。及錢去買的。為了這一句我告他﹕毁謗我名聲及清白、並要他們賠償累犯的罪行之懲戒款﹕300 元 的 1000 倍 = 30000, 謝謝。咳嗽聲來自於慢速女的老公及兒子﹕丟 APP 男的聲音。剛才他還在圖書館門外﹕裝聲音恐嚇我呢。被好多人聽到。


昨天晚上我人坐在戶外星巴克店前與一群約略「30」名女性的小團体在一起。吹風、聽唱砍曲。結果蘇玉剛、丟件男、慢速女、003 、養狗雞蛋糕的陳小姐大女兒的老公、015 、008、「小的小的」一起現聲亂講著話。我覺得很吵很吵,所以我就換位子到忠孝新生站出去的小公園去。


那個圖書館的「IS 」﹕丟 APP 男,及 015 + 005 + 蘇玉剛、003;一起出聲。那個丟件男就說﹕「我們不讓你用。我不理他。「003」就說我們不讓你用。」刷不出來,頁面呈現空白狀,之後出現的字畫是「異常詢息請冾服務人員。」我不理會它,拿起刷到錢,「 -14 」一出去我即開口嗆他們﹕「有些人就是白痴,我只要去捷站公司總行刷這張卡裡的詢息我一定抓得到你們的。」他們兩人就開口說﹕「嘸嘸嘸…」

我這悠卡是新的。我身上的卡都是我自己的打工錢買來的。這個男的這幾天一直在偷我身上的錢要去花用。昨天拿不到這張卡裡的錢及卡,所以就在今天早上把我的眼鏡弄斷,意思是說他也花到了眼鏡錢﹕300 元。但他說錯了,我那隻眼鏡是他這弄斷的第「3」隻,所以這一隻比較貴,他要賠我﹕30000元。若不賠請把他工錢扣除還我「30000」元或直接把他的公務人員資格取消掉。因為他是累犯了。2018.11.20 -11.21 閔範榮。





這個男的一心想要跟拍電影的姚奇偉作愛、想跟姚奇偉在一起。但發現我還有婚姻狀況,就把我跟阿姚之間拉妡,自己去坐在姚奇偉的身邊、然後又去替我拉來一堆老摳摳的男人﹕什麼 「25歲」、什麼「98 歲」、「什麼 71歲」、「什麼 85歲」、「什麼39 歲」我聽了莫名奇妙。然後有人一直小聲的跟我說是一個男的心理起了變化叫我要小心。


然後今年上半年我在「4」樓裡作業時我聽到﹕「008 , 003 , 015 」開口說﹕「人家本來還有兩個,現在被你這樣一拉都變成沒半個。」

003 就說﹕蘇玉剬想要跟他作業、因為他跟林倩如玩過了、但佛教的這個沒做過心裡很癢。所以我們把蘇玉剬跟他配在一起…這樣子就有人了。而且這樣子我們才能把他的那個都吃到嘴裡。


到昨天晚上我就開口駡﹕008 , 003 , 015 , 蘇玉剛、丟件男 & 慢速女。李姓中尉 & 林倩如的小哥哥。說他們是愛上人家的老公想搶人家的老公。一心想要跟人家的老公作愛,但人家的老公跟我一樣都是一夫一妻制的人,怎麼會跟你們這些公務人員一起亂搞男女關係?

一直駡駡到那個「IS 」蘇玉剛聲音沒了、「015 聲音不見了」、丟件男氣到聲音斷掉。之後他們還想繼續恐嚇我,我就開口說﹕「壞人住在「mos 」上面。結果附近的民眾開口說﹕「我們不要這種垃圾男住在這裡。」關掉他們的聲音。


今天早上我去國語日報附近的「7 - 11 」消費時,「003 , 015 , 008 , 005 ,蘇玉剛」等人又開口講話。我就故意喊著「小的小的…」因為蘇玉剛變成起乩之聲,正在我胸前巡視著。所以我就喊破他的垃圾事。




早上我在國語日報附近的「7 - 11 」超商裡遇上狀況。他們這一群人跑來殺人。凶手﹕008 & 015 , 003 及蘇玉剛等人。

昨天晚上要搶悠卡的壞人,化身成為「IS 」。

. 他要吃我的卡裡錢。我不給。就在超商裡直接說他搶人家的老公。

他就很火很火,直接作法,把他的腳踩在我的胸口上,近身時講了一句話﹕「我要你的心。」就腳踩在我的胸口上。蘇玉剛很生氣。想說這樣用力踩在我的胸口上,我的心可以因為外力而剝離。直接死在「7 - 11 」餐桌邊。我很痛叫的很大聲很大聲。也講了什麼情形。有人聽到了叫他把腳拿起來。他還不肯,所以人家修理他。


* 我就說他們兩人搶老公、還要搶我的工錢、還有他們用這個方法殺死深綠的人及我、還有故意製造我貧血…還有「小的小的」…所以有人比我還要生氣。

壞份子現在現場喊著﹕「沒有拿沒有拿。」台語。我告他弄斷我的眼鏡、他去檢舉我說說我偷他的錢及悠卡…好好笑喔。我告他。「005 」, 015 的聲音。裡面的警察一直包痞他的所作所為…那兩名「7 歲」、「9 歲」小女生是他們帶進圖書館裡的,卻在辦公室裡強姦她們,小女孩跑出去跟資深的女性圖書館人員反應著﹕對方居然沒有警覺真接又把她們兩人推回去。繼續被姦淫著…還大力的 SM 她們兩位小朋友。然後有人問起他小朋友人到哪裡去了?他就說﹕「幫她們回到家人身邊去。」結果,將兩位小女孩直接賣到澳洲去,還把她們身上的東西全都拿掉。澳洲的警察在街上發現兩名臺灣的兒童及身上的傷痕…一路查問回臺灣來。而我是在線上看見新聞的。



我說﹕「處堙好的為什麼要讓你翻?壞人真該死。小北百貨老闆死了、吳清和諴品老闆也死了、我的姐姐林金萍也死了、田爺爺消失了。一群「5 , 6」個都莫名奇妙死了。人家時間就沒到還叫人家回去。他們也開口要我回去,還一直問我怎麼不回去。我幹嘛要回去? 我的時間還沒到。身体健康沒有骨頭受過傷,「008」「015」005 居然要我回去找死掉的家人,不是很奇怪嗎?還一直作法要弄我死,你怎麼不回去呢?


我繼續講﹕「前不久中國時報的生活地方版上刊登著一則小消息﹕某個學術界的人死在肺部上。間阿三天又來一個相同背景的人死在肺部上,再來一天間隔又一個相同的狀況死在那裡、不到半個用我看了「6 」個人都死在肺部上。還都是學術界名人,但大家都不認識。我就跟我的一個新聞朋友提到這件事。他說不對。他去查及問問看怎麼回事?


那「003 , 015 , 005 , 008 , 蘇玉剛、丟件男、好高興。開口跟我要我的心。說他們才能活得長長久久。」啍!



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