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In class we have been talking a lot about changes... in technology, in governments, in art. Everything about the past centuries seems to be in a constant flux. Revolutions come and go, scientific brea...
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I like the optimism in your post. Way to look at the bright side of the issue.
I enjoyed the comparisons you made. Good post
I know... but the way the news seems fixated on the troubles that we evil humans have been making on the world, they seem to think that we have single handedly destroyed all that is good in the world... The earth survived a lot more before we came here and it's going to survived a lot more before the end of things. Any of you see other examples of cataclysmic change bringing a good social or political evolution?
It just makes me think that people want us to live in fear. During our parents lives they lived in fear of a nuclear holocaust and were taught to hid under their desks. What type of things are we being told to do that is just hiding under our desks.
On the other hand, we can't just say "nature will fix everything" as an excuse for complacency. We are part of the system, and who is to say that we won't be the force to bring about the next massive change?
My largest complaint about how they are going about the change is that they keep doing things that are counter-intuitive to improving things. With the decrease of gas emissions they at the same time decreased gas mileage which in turn makes it so that we are using more gas which is another problem that they are worried about us running out of fossil fuels.
I agree. We shouldn't be settling for half-effective solutions.
I am not someone who is against being more responsible but I can't stand the fact that the people who are making our laws very often don't know anything about what they are passing laws about. Especially when they are referring to agriculture related things.
Too true. We do have a responsibility to protect the environment because if we trust the earth too much we over fish and hurt the environment... but when we underestimate or misuse the Earth we get tree hungry people who want us to put up more trees when it would be more effective to throw more algae into the ocean.

But is massive change bad +David Perkins ? The black plague gave way to the financial backing of the renaissance... and that was a bad change that turned good.
I was not suggesting that massive change was bad; if you read over what I was saying, I suggesting that it might be necessary for us to cause it, as opposed to waiting for it to happen. On the other hand, I'm afraid I can see the logic behind arguing that the black plague brought about positive results; nevertheless, I can't bring myself to say it was good.
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