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Hmm. Had a bit of phone battle with Lloyds bank on the phone. What them to verify the fingerprint of their SSL certificate  as they have not only changed their provider but the new root doesn't take part in CT ( ) . (Admittedly I've updated chrome so their old supplier (Verisign) might not be in CT either).

So I phone LLoyds and they asked for lots of details in a automated response bot.  I then got through to a person, who ask to verify my name.

I refused, and ask him to verify my name back to me, so I could be sure they had my account details. The best I could think of given the circumstances.

I then asked then  to verify the SHA256 fingerprint of their certificate. The call handler had to go away and ask his supervisor, at which point i was told I had to upgrade "Microsoft word", not IE, Word!. I didn't mention I was running Linux .

I tried to explain that was the root certs and I was interested in their certificate, he seemed to understand that but didn't know what to do so put me through to their supervisor .

There supervisor listened , and then said "We don't have access to this information". I tried to explain it was public information and I had it so they should to.

Some further confusion where I was told that certificates where not part of the website but part of my computer ensued.
I tried to correct this my asking if they had a  'unhijackable  connection' at their website form the call centre.  Quite frankly I was losing the will at this point.  Which I was worng on by the way as 

She claimed she did , and I decided not to worry about that, (I know), but I did get her to visit the site and click on the padlock, unfortunately  (she didn't tell me which) her browser as is common doesn't show the fingerprint on the first page. I couldn't persuade her to tell me what browser  she had, or to dig deeper. SO we got stuck at the 'I don't' have access', event though it was a few clicks away.

The supervisor said that the bank used the 'highest possible' security, but when I said that clearly only applied to the encryption algorithm - I was interrupted before I could say but not their practices. I think she misunderstood the point.  Also we were both clearly wrong as  shows no SSL Support . The site only gets a 'C' . The sites I manage on a daily basis get  a 'B'  ( Which I need to look at)

The supervisor completed the calls giving me some generic security advice about not following links on unknown origin.

But lets be fair you'd spend the effort to do dns hijacking if you got spent the effort to get a cert fraudulently.

So but of a fail all round .

The only vaguely encouraging  is, doesn't list a current certificate for the banks logon page, but I'm not sure then that the real certificate isn't in use by another provider who is also not in CT.

It a real shame how little the GP seems to understand about how fundamental framework on SSL - Not the maths , but what a certificate is , what it isn't and what it guarantees. When I ask an online merchant once if he wanted an EV cert, he said - "I just want something to make my site secure". Asking him what he meant by 'secure' didn't help.

All of which leaves me unsure whether I should use internet banking for the time being  (Also same on symantec - the new provider - for not taking part in CT )
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This image came to me  , having heard the recent news. I know it  mixes  universes but hey....

Purdey stands outlined against the sky, in black combat fatigues and
and is clearly also wearing a parachute, She looks up with a tear in one eye and fixes on someone out of sight ,

"You know it times like this..."

The view point rotates slowly bringing Agent Coulson into view, and
we see that Purdey is standing on the lip of the Bus' ramp.

".. that I really miss Steed"

She takes a step back and drops smartly out of frame.
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What I did had to do when  "Strictly Come dancing" became had to watch.

This is hopefully a not to geeky description of me investigate a problem with watching HD content in the modern digital age. [ having to do all of the describes make me yearn for the simpler days of Analogue TV ]
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Has stop selling ebooks ?

I can't find any buy links on the the ebook formats listed there and all the books I've bought from there in the past have mysteriously disappeared from account. And some such as the Great North Road son't event seem to have ebook format listed anymore.

I haven't heard anything on the blogs about this - has there been a news annoucement I've missed ?

In other new I may have become blacklisted , I suppose after successfully getting a refund on a Ebook out of Blackwells because it came with DRM and I don't buy books with DRM. (And is was a Pan-Macmillan one, so I reasonably expected it not to have DRM).
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I've finally put up on to github some ancient code of mine which I dug out and respun for the RaspberryPi last year. 

This is a set of simple test pattern generators written in BBC Basic (so for Risc Os) which you can use to evaluate the quality of a display.

These were originally written for CRT setup but some additional ones (particularly Col601,Col709 and MovingBoxes) have been written which should highlight limitations of flat panel displays.

See: , available under the MIT license.

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I thought I'd found the perfect use for Google goggles, but it wouldn't cut it

I'm on the dover to Calais ferry, for the second time in less than 24 hours.
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We are a small family run consultancy looking for a Python developer to work with us at our office in Pembury, Kent. You will be expected to  be conformtable at the Unix commandline and be familiar with common tools such as git.

Other programming langauges such as C/C++ , Java and Javascript will be a bonus.

Package negotiable but for guidance is circa £30,000pa.

In the first instance please send a update CV to if you are interested.
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