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Senators Letter to Secretary McDonald

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On 11/16/15 we reach a mile stone. We hit the 290 Co-sponsors mark. What this means is that if the Bill is taken to the Floor for a vote, there would be no debating since there is a Super Majority supporting the bill.  As of now we are are 291 cosponsors in...

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Agent Orange Act Extension Stalls
Agent Orange Act Extension Stalls The 1991 Agent Orange Act expires on September 30, 2015; new legislation would extend its sunset to September 30, 2017, but it  is stalled on the House floor. If the AOA expires, thousands of veterans who were exposed to th...

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Blue Water Veterans – Should I file a VA Claim
From the Hill & Ponton Disability Attorney Web Site Blue Water Veterans – Should I file a VA Claim? September 21, 2015 / in  Agent Orange ,  Blue Water ,  Veterans   / by  Mary Klements, Claims Advocate When you had that heart attack unexpectedly a few year...

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New Cosponsors Map

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I haven’t
posted about the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act in about a month due to
the fact that nothing has happen since Congress is in recess. There is going
to be a Webinar this coming week you may find interesting. Here is the
information on it: Ag...

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Blue Water Navy Poll
I need to ask a favor of all
Veterans   of all  branches.    I have set up a Poll that is
intended to get the opinion of Veterans that are getting VA Disability
Compensation and those who may be awarded benefits   in the future. So please answer the
first q...

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Letter Request
Mike Little of the AUSN is asking for letters from Blue
Water Navy Veterans and/or their to use as leverage
for Co-sponsor . The
letter/e-mail needs to to be personal and personalized so the the staffers can
understand what you are going through. They can’t...

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List of Congressman NOT Supporting The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act
Date Send Mail Alabama Martha Roby  (R 2nd) --- Robert Aderholt  (R 4th) --- Gary Palmer  (R 6th) --- American Samoa Aumua Amata Radewagen  (R At-Large) --- Arizona Paul Gosar  (R 4th) --- Matt Salmon  (R 5th) --- David Schweikert  (R 6th) --- Ruben Gallego...

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The Story of The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act Sea Story (True)
I have to tell you this TRUE Sea Story I heard while I was in Washington DC .
This story is how the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act started. Now so the
person who this is about won’t kill me, I won’t use “Little old Lady”, I’ll use
Princess instead. I’...
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