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Joe Saad
Founder of,, President of Merger Partners Inc., Investor, and Entrepreneur
Founder of,, President of Merger Partners Inc., Investor, and Entrepreneur

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How do I stop google photos from downloading all of my photos again when I get a new phone?

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Very cool +Willie Nelson. 
Check out this original ticket to Willie's First Annual 4th of July Picnic in 1973! Thanks to Donnie Price for sending in the picture.

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Super interesting article about Google+
Will the New Google+ Focus Bring Success?
My latest for Marketing Land

In my latest +Marketing Land column I cover the history of Google+ and look at its three ghosts (couldn't resist): The Ghost of Google+ Past (the Gundotra Vision), The Ghost of Google+ Present (the year following Gundotra's departure), and The Ghost of Google+ Future (the recently announced changes under new head +Bradley Horowitz).

I give my take on why the recent changes have happened, add some speculation about what they might do with the new focus, and as always, give my opinion on what this means for marketers.


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Drivers like me 😃

Just got the most interesting notification from Lyft, the competitor to Uber. I use them both and they're both great.

I have a perfect five star rating by the drivers who have driven me. Two more perfect rides and I get five dollars off of each of my next 10 rides. Pays to be nice.

Use my invitation code to get up to $20 off your first Lyft! Great deal.

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Check this out! Great startup!

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Congrats to +Sarah Hill! Fantastic idea and I wish her the very best in this new endeavor!
My New Gig in Virtual Reality
Story-Up 360 combines VR with social good. 

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This is an absolute must have top five app for any smartphone. I love Google Photos! Great stuff!
Why you want Google Photos!

(Read my full review: )

We all love to take pictures. Smartphones make it easy.

Because it's so easy to take pictures, we take a lot of them. (I personally have more than 80,000 photos and videos which take up more than 215 gigabytes of space.)

That's when the fun ends and the hassle begins. The truth is that managing, sharing and editing photos is harder than it should be. Most of us lost control of our photo collections long ago.

Labeling, tagging and organizing photos is difficult and time-consuming. But if you don't do all of those things, can be hard to find a specific photo.

Pictures are inconvenient to share, too -- especially when people are scattered across different social networks. (And there's always that odd relative who isn't on any of the social networks.)

Editing pictures can be difficult and time-consuming. It's also tediously labor-intensive to do creative things with pictures.

And at some point, all those photos can max out the storage on our phones. Yet we hesitate to delete them because we're afraid of accidentally getting rid of pictures we want to keep.

The only product or service that solves each and every one of those problems is Google Photos, which Google announced Thursday at its Google I/O developers conference.

Here's why I think you'll switch to Google Photos:


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My phenomenally talented cousin is doing a little fund raiser.

She sings opera and has a magically beautiful voice. 

Have a listen and support her if you like.  Thanks! :)

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I inherited this vintage 1960's Hula Popper from my dad. It's sitting on top of my Yeti ice chest. 

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On my must read list.

Live to 500 years old? Someday it may be possible.
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