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Steven Velazquez

loving the the redesign +Google

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LMAO THIS SHIT IS FUNNY!! wish it would happen in my chem class :/
Zorro Kills Thief in Lecture Prank at the University of Michigan... Best Prank Ever?

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Lupe is all REAL!!! love this real rapper

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Immortal speaks the truth about #corruption, we need to unite against corruption

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HILARIOUS!! but im the type of person who has never and will never buy an apple product :)
The iPad Rant

This has made it around quite a bit already but I just caught this last night and found myself laughing throughout. I don't totally agree with the video, maybe that's because I will likely get an iPad, but it is still pretty funny.

(Note: I just had to correct myself typing, iPad 3 as opposed to just "iPad" so yeah, the opening rant is pretty relevant)

As I've said when it was announced, the iPad seems like an incremental update except for the retina display. I do think the display will be fantastic but really its a year later than most people anticipated. I honestly thought, after Retina was on the iPhone 4, that it would show up on the iPad 2 and was disappointed that it didn't. So now that it is on the iPad (3) it isn't all that exciting.

I don't have an iPad right now, so buying an iPad (3) is worth it to me. Don't know if I would do it if I had any of the previous models. How about you, are you getting one?

The Gentlemen's Rant: iPad

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Very Impressive, i wouldnt mind going to a concert with this kind of music. sounds epic :)
Classical meets Dubstep??

I try not to just reshare things too often, but this chick really wowed me. She's hot, plays an instrument like a boss, dances, and apparently can deal with cold weather as happily as I deal with beaches.

I thought this was pretty friggin' cool... Awesome talent!

Im loving the new Tyga album Careless World: Rise of the Last King
Every song is soo dope!
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