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Merry Christmas Eve Eve, Sugarplussers! We noticed how many new folks we have tuning in from all around the world, and we want to know how Christmas is celebrated in your corner of the globe. Share your favorite traditions here... and if you celebrate Hanukkah, the solstice, or simply wish your loved ones a happy new year, share that with us, too! Today, the + in Google+ stands for learning!
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Christmas is the reason for the season,and with a large family,extended family and friends it is an awesome time of the year. So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,from our family 2 everyone out there.
On Christmas Eve, my brother reads the Christmas Story from the bible. We all unwrap a new Christmas ornament and pajamas (so we look nice for pictures on Christmas). Then we make Santa's plate which consists of a ham sandwich, potato salad, chips, a Pepsi, and of course carrots for the reindeer! After the kids go to bed my Aunt, brothers, sister, and myself stay awake until 4am wrapping Christmas presents. As we wrap, we share stories, have some really great laughs, and say next year "We are going to wrap the Christmas presents as they are bought!" (That NEVER happens!) It is something that my siblings and I look forward to every year!
Well that's what we do, so from The Bishop family in Northern Indiana we would like to wish Jennifer, Kristian, The Sugarland Band, Crew, and of course Whitney a Merry and Blessed Christmas!
Well here's wishing everybody who reads this,a every Merry Christmas,an a Happy New Year,from a family of 6.Our back ground is Christian .We do still take Christmas for its true meaning.The baby Jesus was born on that day,so to us it means everything,hope,peace of mind,an most of all Love.We study the Bible on our get togathers,an pray for all in need.We are from Canada .
my family doesn't really do xmas all that gf's family on the other hand...they do it up...but i rarely get to spend xmas with them anymore because of my's all good though...they still send presents...lmao!
Merry Christmas Eve,Eve To you too. My Favorite Tradition Is Every Year We Open Present's Then We Cook as a Family and Go To my Aunty's House! And Tomorrow we are going to my Grandmas House!!! No Snow in Milwaukee,Wisconsin!!!!!!!! :) What about Where You Are J&K?
Just got home from Dollywood. We walked around and sipped hot apple cider and looked at all the lights and decorations. The next 48 hours will be a whirlwind of family gatherings and food. 
What's Everyone Doing Tomorrow and The Next?!?!?!?
Midnight Mass with family, lots of homemade food, wine (or beer), kids playing dress-up at Grandma's house, good conversation and great stories, but most of all just spending quality time with family... it can make even the worst problems seem distant and minute. Merry Christmas, J & K... thank God for you :)
homemade Italian food, great family and friends getting together for dinner on Christmas eve and then continuing into Christmas day opening gifts with family and then Dinner at my boyfriends aunts house with his family. Basically 2 days and nights of eating, drinking and being merry. :) Merry Christmas or as we say Buon Natale!
As an Expat in Korea, the community gets together and tries to make it feel a little bit like Christmas wherever we are from. So that means we have the South Africans joking about boxing day, the Aussies complaining that it's too cold to go to the beach, the Americans trying to figure out how to cook a turkey in a toaster oven. After 4 years of this I've got this down to an art. We have a nice dinner and Secret Santa on Christmas Eve. Then Christmas morning we all Skype our families wherever we are from. Christmas afternoon is spent watching movies and enjoying a day off from teaching. Usually there are a few Korean friends who get dragged along because in Korea Christmas Eve and day are spent with friends or significant others. So they get a small peek at how we bring our traditions with us to their country.
Aqui nao Brasil comemoramos à Meia Noite com Troca de Presentes ceia e muitas musicas, Desejo A Todos hum feliz 2012!
Merry christmas hope yall had a good one
And thank god for sugarland, yall are a true blessing
This is the Top100 (2011) JDT-RTV HOT35 POP & COUNTRY MUSIC

1 sugarland incredible machine 513
2 christina perri jar of hearts 494
3 lady antebellum just a kiss 484
4 lady antebellum we owned the night 476
5 sugarland tonight 403
6 alexis jordan happiness 386
7 sugarland stuck like glue 384
8 the wanted lightning 383
9 lady antebellum hello world 366
10 frida gold wovon sollen wir 351
11 journey tantra 340
12 the band perry if i die young 335
13 christina perri arms 325
14 pittbul & afrojack give me everything 309
15 adele set fire to the rain 309
16 adele rolling in the deep 305
17 the wanted glad you came 299
18 alan jackson long wat to go 297
19 j.aldean & kelly clarkson don't you wanna 285
20 kenny chesney reality 285
21 sugarland love 273
22 mahombi & nicole scherzinger coconut tree 270
23 don omar danza kuduro 268
24 stevie nicks secret love 257
25 adele some one like you 250
26 roxette shes got nothing 247
27 gloria estefan hotel national 246
28 sugarland & matt Nathanson run 241
29 zac brown band deep knee 238
30 los angeles the voices loop naar het licht 238
31 birdy skinny love 228
32 Gloria Estefan & Pittbull Wepa 227
33 charlene soiraia whenever i will go 223
34 christina perri 1000 years 221
35 roxette speak to me 219
36 coldplay paradise 215
37 sugarland little miss 213
38 the band perry all your life 210
39 take that the flood 209
40 sugarland stand up 208
41 the voice of holland 1000 voices 202
42 taylor swift back in december 200
43 bruno mars lighters 198
44 alan jackson freight train 196
45 rihanna only girl 195
46 florence & machine shake it out 194
47 journey after all these years 193
48 florence & machine what the water 193
49 taylor swift sparkly fly 191
50 james morrison slave to the music 191
51 ronnie dunn bleed red 188
52 jennifer lopez on the floor 186
53 caro emerald stuck 182
54 rihanna & jennifer nettles (sugarland) california king (live) 178
55 brad paisley remind me 178
56 one direction what makes you beautiful 178
57 rihanna we found love 177
58 bruno mars granade 175
59 within temptation faster 169
60 pittbul & marc anthony rain over me 166
61 within temptation shot in the dark 165
62 roxette only when i dream 165
63 tim mcgraw & G.Paltrow me and tennesee 157
64 rihanna s&m 157
65 kelly clarkson what love..(stronger) 156
66 sugarland all we are 151
67 martin solveig hello 148
68 tinie tempah written in the stars 147
69 adele romours has it 139
70 taylor swift ours 134
71 james morrison i wont let you go 133
72 brad paisley alabama 130
73 blake shelton honey bee 130
74 the Bangles I will never be through with you 127
75 ilse de lange doluv2luvu 121
76 bruno mars lazy song 117
77 Lana del rey Video games 117
78 kenny chesney somewere 115
79 martina mcbride one night 115
80 katy perry et 113
81 martina mcbride don't stop 112
82 lady antebellum love i've found 112
83 lady antebellum need you 104
84 burns and poe second change 104
85 ilse de lange beatiful day 101
86 toby keith red solo cup 93
87 lady gaga born this way 92
88 nicole scherzinger dont hold 92
89 blof was jij maar hier 88
90 coldplay every teardrop 88
91 j.aldean dirt road anthem 83
92 gloriana kissed you goodnight 77
93 metropole orkest wereldwijd 75
94 pixie lott all about tonight 75
95 frida gold unsere liebe ist gold 73
96 shania twain today is the day 72
97 3js never alone 71
98 mada & emma arrivera 67
99 journey faithfully 66
100 martina mcbride Teenage Daughter 64
Love, Love you guys, Merry Christmas from Alabama, the Crimson Tide City!!!!
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