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When we said this tour was "In Your Hands," we really meant it! Request lines are now open.
Welcome to the official website of Sugarland, the multi-platinum-selling duo of Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush.
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J Lynn
Loved windstar friday it was awesome!!!
J Lynn
Jennifer! I just wanted to say that Im making your Impossible Pie right now!
Also say that you guys really need to come to Idaho! We miss and Love you!
J Lynn
Congrats Jennifer on your news! <3 you!
Boston or new hampshire ,we'll take good care of ya
We will see you Saturday in Detroit!!! Can't WAIT!!!
J Lynn
+Tianna Hoops, Jennifer is roughly due in November I believe...but you know babies...never on time...I for one was born 3 months early
i love sugarland " you and me baby we're stuck like glue"
J Lynn
Congrats on the baby you guys!
congrts im one of your fanns and my scool is having a talent show  and i am singing stay if u can vizit us at mephis mo/missour  and watch me it would be asome but it is the 21 of december 2012
That's a great question. I'm guessing they are and likely too busy writing, recording, performing to respond to the question. :)
I love you and was woundering if you will be in Thunder Bay Canada
A Big Hi from Las Vegas. My 2.5 year old dances to your music almost every night. (next to her Daddy)
Saw you guys live many years ago and it was a super concert then. Can't wait for you to hit the great state of Kentucky again. Any tour dates heading my way ?
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