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I played over the weekend at GoPlayNW with +Marc Hobbs, +Jamie Fristrom and +Hakan Seyalioglu. Our animals were seahorses, hermit crabs, the Cat, and bunnies (mine).

Really enjoyed playing the animals and trying to see what the world is like from their point of view. The Cat was kind of a huge jerk and messed everything up for everyone. We didn't interact with any secondary humans and only one secondary animal. Jamie's character was murdered by the Cat and Hakan's character.

I think it would have been nice to spend more time describing the surroundings before launching into a scene. I liked how we gathered lessons from talking to our animals, though it wasn't clear why we only learned one at a time. It seemed more difficult to learn a skill and the skills didn't seem to come into as much direct use/effect.

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Love me some Earthbound.

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Went to Vancouver over the weekend and one of the first things we did was check out on the suggestion of +J. Walton. It was just +Pat Kemp and I, but we managed to get through 50% of the puzzles for the Lost Ship.

Really great atmosphere, fun decor, and the puzzles were satisfying to solve. Would totally go back and try again!

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This is some serious bullshit.

"Topshop: the go-to for cute dresses, trendy denim, and apparently offensive jewelry. Last week, a U.K. customer was appalled to find a "Head Charm Necklace" on sale, which featured a string of figurines depicting a racist, early 19th century stereotype of East Asians."

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Go Play NW 2014 Recap!

Friday - Spent the dinner hanging out with my friend Baron Oldenburg whom I hadn't seen in ages and introducing him to almost every story gamer I knew there. It was fun having an excuse to chat with everyone.
Baron and I played the Funnel, run by +tony dowler and it was pretty much like very simple D&D. There were about a dozen players and it was a nice mix of banter and progression and I had a good time because one of my characters made it out of the dungeon alive and with a tidy 200 gp gem. One of my other characters dabbled in a bit of PvP, which apparently no one liked, and a group of the other players ganged up together and off-ed her.

Saturday-01: Played +Joli St. Patrick's Orthodoxy, which was a nice morning bible thumping time. I haven't really explored my past as a Christian very much in public but it seems like the awkward agony of all of my fanaticism back then has worn off enough to make role playing it somewhat enjoyable. +Emily Ryan sat in on our game and helped fill a few NPC roles too.

Saturday-02: Played +Emily Care Boss's King Wren's Tower, which was lovely, high-brow, and had some delicious knife-twisting bits. I helped +J. Walton GM and other players were +Pat Kemp, +Miles Gaborit, +Morgan Stinson and three others. The themes of how to run an empire and convincing other kingdoms to form alliances were fun and a challenge to explore, and everyone really stepped up to provide some really nice analogies and philosophical posturing.

Saturday-03: Played Lamentations of the Flame Princess (Towers Two) which was created by the GM +Jobe Bittman, based on content created by Dave Brockie, the late front man of Gwar. It was basically old school D&D with some interesting flavor, a la 12 year old boy style. It honestly didn't get as sexual, disgusting, or violent as I was led to believe until maybe the very very end. I felt like +David Fooden was the most Gwar-ish of the lot. I still had a good time and got an opportunity to flex my sexual innuendo skills, but it was a little more mundane than I expected.

Sunday-01:  Played Turn of the Card (, run by one of its creators, Jefferson Lee, where +Pat Kemp, +Sam Ashwell, one other guy that I didn't know, and I played as somewhat supernatural detectives solving a murder mystery. I'm honestly not that great at solving mysteries in general but we were able to muddle through it. The end was a bit weird where it seemed like we were being pushed to kill some terrorists, but we ended up putting them in some "black box" type holding cells instead.

Sunday-02: +Joli St. Patrick and I went to #seattlepride and watched the parade. We hung out with +Rompas Ceci Stell +Sugar/Azucar Solara, Sugar's sister, and +Jess Downs and their partner John and I saw +Erika Greco, Amy T Falcone and several other people I knew, which was lovely.

Sunday-03: Managed to get back to GoPlayNW just in time for the final pitches, where I played +Ben Robbins's Microscope Union. +Pat Kemp, +Tim Mauldin and I played a family tree (heh) of squirrels and all of the adorableness was had. We had same-sex squirrel couples, one that was of non-binary gender and it was a relaxing, and very enjoyable way to end the con.

Way too many people I wished I had had more time to chat with or game with but I'm already looking forward to next year. I'd really like to see slightly modified scheduling slots though, I think everyone agrees that having at least another half an hour for lunch and trying to end the last slot a little earlier than midnight would go a long way towards everyone's enjoyment.

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Cute. Also I really need to play Last of Us...still in its shrink wrap :(

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Looks like the mosquito research has already started to pay off!

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So terrible. I'm definitely one of those people that bugs tend to go after.

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I'm not sure I'd wait in line for this, but looks like the snap they took of the people waiting for it are all Asian lol.

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Mine has the most typos but hopefully that'll change! Today I edited the text using Word with Track Changes on and I sent it to the CHS blog with a plea to fix some of the typos :) yeah yeah...I'm a nerd.
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