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Sengor Kusturica
Worshipping the computer since the 1980s.
Worshipping the computer since the 1980s.
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Intel AMT - Ring 0 isn't what it used to be...

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Video game guide books are a great substitute for video game art books.

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Trying native Windows Subsystem for Linux instead of good old Cygwin. Coincidentally this has freed up quite a bit of space on C:\

So it turns out that git cannot add empty directories.

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One cannot navigate to if your system's clock is behind...

If you are already into covering your laptop's camera, consider covering your mobile phone's front facing camera as well.

To backout a yum update consider:

# yum history
# yum history undo <number>

So it turns out that noise cancelling headphones do NOT block out human voice and other mid to high pitch irregular sound #notforofficeuse
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