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Umpagrumpas. How many times do the people have to say no to their Wall Street serving nonsense?
Dear Congress: which part of HELL NO did you not understand the last two times?  #CISPA #CISA
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They're trying to wear us down.

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Written by Garrison Keillor in 2004, and just as timely as ever.

"The gains in life come slowly and the losses come on suddenly. You work for years to get your life the way you want it and buy the big house and the time share on Antigua and one afternoon you're run down by a garbage truck and lie in the intersection, dazed, bloodied, your leg unnaturally bent, and suddenly life becomes terribly challenging for six months."
“We are not eager for battle, but the security of our citizens and children takes precedence over all else,” said the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose country is "settling" another people's land. By force.
All I can say is that Custer had it coming. Battle of Greasy Grass forever. Everywhere.

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The GOP: Party of liars, cheaters, thieves and traitors.

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Buenas noches, mama. En paz descanse.
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Lo siento :-(
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Christians are an interesting group
(RNS) The baby Jesus survived Herod’s massacre because his parents took him across a border to a land where he was safe.
"The reason Israel is taking rocket fire from Gaza is that it is an Occupying Power over Gaza and won’t let the Palestinians of that territory have the rights that accrue to citizens of a state."
The derpitude of American media is astounding, and a huge part of the problem.
Israel is a Rogue Terrorist State.
Video captures bombing of #Gaza City home --

This video made by Gaza physician Dr. Belal Dabour (@Belalmd12 on Twitter) captures the moment an Israeli air attack destroyed the home of the al-Habil family in the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood of Gaza City this morning.

Thirty-one Palestinians were killed in overnight Israeli air attacks, bringing the death toll in Israel’s ongoing assault which began on Monday to 81.

At least 22 of the dead are children, according to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, and almost 500 people have been injured.

According to Dabour, the al-Habil family received a call from the Israeli army at 7 15 am telling them to immediately leave the house. About fifteen minutes later the house was destroyed in a massive explosion.

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Okay, this is way better looking than any XJ900 deserves.
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