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Peace upon you, O weary traveller.
Peace upon you, O weary traveller.
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So, when it comes to that cardio we will only burn fat as an energy source rather than glucose when we aren't going TOO FAST. Our bodies love to use glucose(sugars) as an energy source. They allow us to keep moving fast. Fat cannot be tapped into as an energy source fast enough to keep us moving at a fast rate. So really when you're doing HIIT cardio.. it's on those low intensity intervals that you're burning the fat, not the sprinting.

So you might be wondering "well how fast do I have to go?" The "fat burning zone" is between 55 and 70 percent of our maximum heart rate. To find our maximum heart rate subtract your age from the number 220 then just take 55% and 70% of that number to get your range. Once you know your numbers it's all about keeping your heart rate within YOUR fat burning zone!

At this point it's all about just PUTTING THE TIME IN.

If you can do 30 mins of steady state "fat burning zone" cardio on 5 consecutive days, if not everyday, you're golden.

Start burning that FAT! :)´╗┐

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A reminder for us all. That we should comfort others during times of hardship´╗┐

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