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Scheiß RTL.
>Dass man mit diesem Rowdytum auch die Grenzen unseres bundesdeutschen Rechtsstaates sowie der journalistischen Ethik nicht nur überschreitet, sondern beim Randalieren regelrecht zertrampelt, scheint den quotengeilen Hasardeuren total egal. Die telegene Abrechnung wird durchgezogen. Die Hooligan-Moralapostel lassen nicht locker bis die türkische Polizei einschreitet und dem Treiben ein Ende setzt. Die unseriöse Reporterin geriert sich als Opfer.< - See more at:

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yeah fuck you firefox. greedy bitches, this will be your demise just like canonical is going under.
sandbox my ass.
"It’s clear that Mozilla isn’t happy about this turn of events, and in our conversations, people there characterised it as something they’d been driven to by the entertainment companies and the complicity of the commercial browser vendors, who have enthusiastically sold out their users’ integrity and security..."

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28 Women Escape From Prison After Seducing And Drugging Guards 

The inmates took three 12 caliber rifles, multiple shotguns, two 38 caliber revolvers, and extra ammunition for each with them.

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"It was announced that the Koch Brothers’ political organization would spend close to $900 million on the 2016 election"
Power corrupts. Basic democracy now.
#fascism is: “A system of government that exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merging of state and business leadership, together with belligerent nationalism.”

#KochBros  ... #Blues

Die Politiker machen sich langsam Sorgen weil ihnen immer weniger Leute die Propagandalügen abnehmen :D

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ja ne, ohne zertifizierten finanzierungsplan mit drei durchschlägen und stempel geht das nicht, wo kämen wir denn da hin?
Mit Geld den Armen zu helfen ist in Zeiten moderner Finanzbürokratie gar nicht so einfach. Glauben Sie nicht? Dann schauen Sie mal hier: 

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If Pirate Bay is an FBI Trap it Isn’t a Very Good One - When confronted with an outrageous story this week our immediate thoughts were to ignore it in the hope that it would quickly go away. Sadly that isn’t how things have played out. Faced with the fantastic and outrageous proposition that The Pirate Bay’s return was facilitated by United States’ authorities keen to position the site as an FBI-run honeypot, the temptation to regurgitate the ‘news’ was just too great f...

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"...More complicated mental processes, including subconscious thought, creativity and self-awreness, may be rate-limited or disabled at times of significant server load..."

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Apparently, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has scored a significant victory against NSA spying, winning "a four-year lawsuit against the Department of Justice (DOJ) to make public these interpretations of the law which, according to the EFF, fly in the face of public law."

According to the article,

"VOL: Why is this case important?

"Rumold: The case is important for a number of reasons. First and foremost, we succeeded in forcing the government to release hundreds of pages of opinions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court – the secret court that oversees many of the government’s domestic surveillance operations. Those opinions, which would never have been disclosed without this suit, show that the NSA repeatedly abused the authority the court granted it. Now, with this latest victory, we’ve again forced the government to reveal whether or not it believes the Commerce Department can turn over census data to law enforcement and intelligence agencies for use in criminal and intelligence investigations. We don’t yet know what conclusion the government reached, so this disclosure will tell us a lot about how the government is treating this sensitive census data."
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