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Pixxxie Pie & Posie Fine Artisan Crafts
Pixxxie Pie & Posie: Helping You Get a Little Closer To Nature
Pixxxie Pie & Posie: Helping You Get a Little Closer To Nature
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Pixxxie Pie's Handy Hints & Tips: Many of us who offer natural perfume/cologne oils have clients who will say "I want to use natural perfumes more, but the aroma strength doesn't seem on par with my expectations."

Because natural perfume and cologne oils quickly meld with your natural personal aroma, it can be easy to perceive that an aroma has weakened simply because a couple of hours have passed & you no longer perceive the aroma about you as you would with popular, alcohol-heavy perfumes that tend to sit about you in a rather nose-burning cloud.

So before giving your bottle a shake and applying more of the natural perfume or cologne oil, consider asking someone in the same room with you if they can smell the perfume when they draw near you. You’ll commonly discover that the aroma is indeed still with you=) Also consider that the more you ween yourself away from synthetic aroma blends (and/or quit or cut down on smoking cigs), your sense of smell becomes more keen and aromas that you once perceived as mild will really stand out;)

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Fantastic way to organize and display one's yarn collection: wine racks! Take a look at the original article via the following link=

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Just looking at this pic makes me want to go out and get some new tattoo work!
Indian Floral Mehndi Design

This design shows how beautiful patterns can be included on the back of your hands too. The weave patterns and floral patterns make this style traditional yet modern and very apt for weddings.

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#BelleLee is an #Illustrator of Children's Books from Pasadena, USA. Enjoy some of her #Artwork.. ♥✿
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I love how everything is perfectly organized by color =) 
1000원샵, 1000won shop
Here is Korean version of 1dollar shop or 100yen shop. 1000won is approximately 1Dollar. What can you buy here? It seems that cheapeat and small items only sold here but there are so many useful stuff that you can buy with 1dollar. There are 2000won, 3000won ot 5000won prised product as well. I visited here yesterday to find cell-phone holder and took this basket part of Daiso shop. What is your local 1 dollar shop? Do they sell many product also?

What can I buy here?
Sports item
Car item

#1000won #shop


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About Couture Bath Salts:

♥------What are bath salts: Bath salts allow you to create your own luxury spa experience in the comfort of your own home. Legend has it bath salts soften mineral heavy water, improve circulation, open the pores & aid the body in ridding itself of a wide range of toxins. And it's pretty difficult to argue with "legends" when it comes to such topics! Do a little research on your own to find out more=)

♥------How to use bath salts: Sprinkle in warm bath water, pass your hand through the water to distribute the bath salts, then dunk yourself into the sacred waters to luxuriate! If you suffer from high blood pressure, you may want to consult with your general care practitioner to make sure that you can use bath salts without negative side effects.

♥------All #PixxxiePieAndPosie aromas are currently available in the form of bath salts and I sell a wide range of containers, so you can try a small sample or move right along to purchasing a large jar.

♥------If you suffer from high blood pressure problems you should consult with your physician to make sure it is safe for you to utilize bath salt.

You can purchase #PixxxiePieAndPosie #Jewelry, #NaturalPerfumes, #Cosmetics & other #Victorian inspired sundries via the following sites: or
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Pixxxie Pie & Posie aromas are broken up into 2 categories when it comes to pricing: The Minor Arcana & the Major Arcana. Major Arcana aromas are priced on a higher price scale than Minor Arcana aroma blends because the essential oils used to create them are significantly more expensive than those utilized for Minor Arcana blends.

You can purchase #PixxxiePieAndPosie #Jewelry, #NaturalPerfumes, #Cosmetics & other #Victorian inspired sundries via the following sites: or

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Anatomy of An Aroma: The Shadow Woods – (primary notes: frasier fir, jasmine & pine): The Shadow Woods is akin to stepping barefoot into an old-growth forest of Fir and Pine trees after a heavy spring rain. Intensely woody, the scent of pine needles, leaves and branches is intertwined with a delicate note of wild Jasmine.

--Aroma Gender: Unisex - Leaning Masculine
--Belongs to Aroma Family: Greenwoods and Vine
--Members of this aroma family blush brightest during the following seasons: Spring/Summer/Early Autumn
--Loose yourself in the Shadow Woods today with a fantastic sample:…/the-shadow-woods-natural-perfume-oil…
--Fan club Exclusive Coupon Code for 15% Off an order of $35+ via my Etsy site. Coupon can be used more than once and expires on April 2, 2017: 2017MARCH15PCNTOFF

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Shipping Turn-Around Time Update (Honesty Time): I was under the impression that surgery on both hands for De Quervain's Syndrome would lead to complete resolution of the problem, lol. I was wrong. Surgery helped with the most debilitating aspects of the syndrome, but did not erase the problem. Not by a long shot. Not even after oodles of physical therapy. Paired up with Carpal Tunnel and Ulnar Tunnel Syndromes, I can only do so much work with my hands before my hands just stop working. Seriously, I can't knit, play any of my musical instruments or engage in any of my hobbies that entail lots of work with my hands.

I've been pushing myself, trying to keep the pace I kept before dual hand surgeries and that has not worked out. Last night I stayed up all night packing orders (something I used to do regularly with no problems) and at the end of my 6 hour shift I could hardly hold a pen to write my thank you cards... And throughout this entire day my hands/fingers/wrists/arms/shoulders have been a painfully twitchy mess.

All of this means that ship-out turn around time is now 7 to 14 days (instead of usual 3-7) because this business is a 1-woman show and the before mentioned medical issues are slowing me down. I do get quite a few orders out within the 3-7 day time frame, but I just want you guys to know that there may be times when an order may not ship out until 9+ business days after the date of the sale.

If you need an order shipped out by a certain date (for a special occasion, birthday, etc.), please let me know by leaving details in the order comment box and I will merrily accommodate you. Just keeping you guys in the loop so you know what's going on. =)

This info applies to both of my websites: or


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Spend $35+ at my Etsy store and you can use this coupon code for 15% Off! Copy the following coupon code exactly as you see it here: 2017MARCH15PCNTOFF

Coupon can be used more than once and expires on April 2, 2017.
Etsy site:

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