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First there was chaos and it was good. Then people of the internet unite and ... dickbutt shows up... but that's just the beginning.
Really interesting brain teaser :)

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ClojureScript is a Clojure to Closure JavaScript compiler. Closure is JavaScript to JavaScript compiler that is written in Java and is now compiled with Google's Java to JavaScript compiler to run in JavaScript.

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Sounds fair :)

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Výpisek z mé přednášky na ČVUT:FIT - mrkněte a dejte vědět, jestli najdete nějaké chyby, nebo budete mít otázky :)

If your gzipped index.html is served with MIME type application/x-gzip, Chrome will execute it as html until this file includes a Javascript that does not conform to JS strict-mode (e.g. loading script for analytics.js), then it will start downloading it as a file instead. 


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Truly amazing talk about the Internet from John Rauser.
This is one of few must watch talks.

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[CZ only] Skvělá přednáška od prof. Kulhánka o obecné teorii relativity a její měření v posledních letech. :) Která je to posluchárna? 205?

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This is really well done .
The Shows are great fun and the site performance fundamentals are crucial and great read: 
 +Google Developers  #JavaScript  

/Disclaimer: I work there, but on a different project and I honestly thing this set of sites is great./

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While asm.js does not fit any of my use cases, this new effort from V8 team would potentially help so much!

tl;dr V8 (Chrome) team is developing limited subset of the #JavaScript   language that throws in cases that usually affect performance (think "use strict", but stricter). V8 is also trying to add types to JS (based on TypeScript). 

Design Doc:

StrongMode can be now enabled in Chrome Canary :) And there's one interesting mention on how Object.observe breaks all optimization ideas.

Wohoo! Exciting! :)

// As usual, #JavaScript  delivers! :)
Q='Do you want to construct a random JavaScript compiler?'.substr(15,9).concat('or');

Q[Q][Q]('   console.log("No! You DO NOT!")    ')();
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