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still school is life in itself,right?
totally true but lifes has much more funner lessons
u can say that 2 my teacher
school gives you the love *upss haha
In that case, what you get at school is not an education but its antonym "ducare", no? No wonder the money is paid up-front, before we live to figure it out:))
if you screw up, the school can force you to repeat a year while life has no do overs.
its true but people like me are to good to care.
And LIFE teaches you what the damn school never does.
School Sux mang lol but It teaches us (not that its related in any way)
This is true
Life is school and school is life. One is of the other.
I think i like the test first, it makes it more interesting! XP
Yup, school sucks and life usally rocks but some time life bites you in your butt and when you go to school you have your friends, so they switch a lot
Lov this post it is one of the best post
Cool, why they call it "school of hard knocks!!"
So what's the Real Deal? If it weren't for school I wouldn't be even reading this post!
o wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww guess wat yallllll lame as heckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! sike nah dont know u dueces!:) lol
Jagas R
thaanga mudila.............
I never learn from school only life. XD
It's still about, what you do with the lessons ... IMO? Not all of life's lessons are good, it's mostly about how you make the lemonade. peace out!
Assuming you're capable of learning the lesson, of course.
in all honesty, probably 80% of what i know, i taught myself. i got a 1.5 GPA in high school and dropped out of college with C' and D's and according to my family and friends, i'm one of the most intelligent non-graduates they know. plus, my blogs prove it. i don't mean to sound cocky, but i believe it's true. School taught me nothing, learning and observation taught me everything!!
Life give you A (one) test??? What kind of philosophical bulls**t is this?!
Just had this conversation with my 10 year old son last night!
"Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don't." - Pete Seeger
i agree and we won't forget the life's lessons never
True ... Life is a series of tests, each day, every moment
and i need more lessons from the life.. never bore lessons.
School would be very different with this on the wall
Its all life lessons throughout, though this post still rings true.
So true! Sometimes you don't learn :-(
So so true,but you learn from it.makes you better person.
living life
is the test
of your lessons...
skools for loozers ;) lol
Only clever ones will learn the life lessons.
What you learn in real life is useful, while 90% of what you learn at school is useless.
I see, its backwards. Seems to me the key to learning is striking a balance, each style brings its gems to the table. One can argue life has more to offer/teach as it pushes and prods us.
no thats not true i like pancakes
That is not my philosophy. Mine is school, bad. life, good. Not really. I just don't like school. I'd rather sleep in.
Don't discount the value of an education. Schooling gives you broad based information so that the lessons you learn in life are not hard and cruel.
Also school finishes at about 4. Life can be several times longer.
+Mimi Round Says people who are crappy students and thought University was about partying and socializing, instead of learning concepts and skills for a lifetime of productive contribution to society.
Shubh K
how nice define between school and lief
this is so true i wish it was summer break already so i could get ready for high school
well cletus your horrible spelling is a clear sign of why you dont get it
as long as you are willing to take responcabiliy for the choices you make things will turn out alright
hmmm or life k test bht dangerous hoty hain :(
Hmmm, that's why so many, including myself, are having trouble finding employment after finishing college. Experience is what a majority of employers want on top of credentials.
Lessons of school are useless in life but not those of life.
for you to compose this write up, you prove that you are real psychology. I love that keep it on
humm but school life bring homework and the real life does not
where did u get that from of did u make it
I was told that after college, you're not done paying for your education. The key is not to pay too much.
lee go
best thought
i dont like lessons but i like teachers
if you name a thing "school", does the thing, "teach"?

does "life" "give"; or, does Someone give you life, and from that moment until your death you are 'alive' ? Or, are you just tissue, or whatever somebody else chooses to define you?

===> sometimes it helps, after a natural stimulus~response, to engage that gift of higher-order brain function. Of course that gift, like any other, does not address the recipient's willingness or ability to use it in any given instance.
Hahaha. I have met so many people That never learn their lesson. 
true...wish we learn it the right way than the hard way..:s
Experience is a good teacher of the lesson whether the person is in school or in his life.
thats a good lessons. it makes u look twice at school and life!
I think it was Byron that said, 'Education is not the filling of the bucket but the lighting of the fire'. My school filled buckets. My subsequent life has lit several fires, so I would agree with this.
Comes under Universal truth !!!!
Absolutely right and the test of life is harder than the test of school, but the lesson here will never be forget- en ..
Well, we all know this is true. Sadly, I'm still stuck on a test I hate and forever will be.. How do I pass!? .-. xD
Nuo Xu
I totally agree!
So true, and the tests never end, hence the learning.
If i knew then,what i know now
From the mouth of babes 
i am a FAIL .. I never learn my life lessons .. sometime things in life felt so good that i will do it again and again even thought i should have stop...
True...also, school is a part of life.
M Rod
Actually, You get schooled in life!!!
lol - so if school was going to be more like real life (like we're always being told it should be), we should give the tests first!
absolutly correct life gives always test 
True. Sadly. Unless you fail a test because you didnt study, then you get lessons after as well: STUDY. i hate studying.
this is awesome! (cuz its true :P)
so dam true ill start a hangout bout this
This is right .. thus we dont forget the test of the life .. 
Thank God I visited both schools. Only graduated from the one till now.
Ummhh.great though school is said to be a life long process.these things are married in same way.
You get to school after 68years old.,then tell me if your brain won't forget a 10 I'i d .i borne french not English .so I d for me is to try to envoy the rest of my life thinks
Every day is a school, you learn as you get old,,,
School is theory and life is practcal. <3
Are there any Worthless 99% that are reading this Post. This is Life, Get A JOB!!! The Dope of Hope needs a short!!!
soooooooooooooooooooo true f school told you mom hahahahaha
jan jan
well said..............
always going to be well said but will it be well told
JR Webb
anit that truth live n learn 
Agreed. Plus the more tests you choose to take the more life you live. Stop taking tests = stop living.
Some time life give you lessons withuot test you should see the lesson with your eyes open.
school is okay, i can live without it, but you can't live without life, you wouldn't be alive
I think people put too much trust is schooling. Many of my fellow students do not know how to apply what they have learned. They can take a test, but the can not do a simple task with the same information.
story of my life!
Dis is why no one likes scool 
damn is wat teachers. R saying 
thts so cooll and trueee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
School is where teachers rape you, and life is where the Democrats rape you. Then you die.
school i wish never had to happen but it does i cant wait for june 1 so it can be summer break
may 25 is just 3 wks away!!
90% exacte on garde un faible % des cours académiques mais les leçons de vie reste tout le temps ,mais très important de passer par une école (true)
Japhet Mrabu
Both are ideal at a given moment of time.Bravo!
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