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Jon Brown
World stomping, fire dancing, elephant riding, ocean loving, WordPress coding... liver of life...
World stomping, fire dancing, elephant riding, ocean loving, WordPress coding... liver of life...

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If both existed and you had to choose in the next year would you rather buy Google Glass or an Apple iWatch?

Google Glass does seems cool, but it is just crazy expensive as a consumer device, IMHO.  In time I'm sure it'll come down to the $500 or less range (not cheap, but no more expensive than other personal portable consumer electronics).  

The iWatch seem more useful and potentially practical to me.  While I can't image needing/wanting an iWatch in addition to the iPhone I carry 24/7 and the iPad I carry frequently I think I'd buy a iWatch long before I shelled out for GG.  Especially if the iWatch ends up being a communication device...  I'll stop carry my phone in favor of a headset, then carry an iPad when actually need a larger screen.


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Sucuri rocking it the the details on the widespread brute force attacking of WordPress sites going on right now.

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I just don't handle red eye flights like I used too... 

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At Maui Arts and Cultural for opening night of Maui Film Festival's First Light series... It's an amazing line up of films stretching until the end if the year. 

People know I'm an Apple guy these days, but I'm not as loyal as my friends probably think I am... in fact I really like and want an Android based device but there is a huge support problem in the Android ecosystem so I haven't and may never buy an Android phone or tablet. When I look at what my iPhone was like when I bought it with iOS 3 verses two years later with iOS 5 it's mind blowing.... Had it been an Android phone it'd just be frustrating.

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It's starting... PixelJar's upcoming ad management plugin, AdSanity, for WordPress got mentioned on WP Candy...

+Brandon Dove gave me a early access to it for a site I built a couple months ago and as someone that’s never used an Ad plugin before it was amazing easy to figure out and get running... even in it's pre-alpha state. I've seen 2 or 3 improved iterations since then and any one could have been released for sale but it just keeps getting better.
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