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Harry Devon Johnson

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This is Harry Devon Johnson Main Google Plus Profile with this link here;

19,000 Plus views shown on profile link above and a over all at-least 30 million impressions. With at-least 300 plus links in the search engines based on his name and or names - that all receives separate impressions.
Harry Devon Johnson
Harry Devon Johnson

Some-How I lost all my circles on this profile - there on a diff one.

Merry Christmas And Merry New Year - From Coherst And Regardless Devon Vic.

In 2007, with-in the first few months of using 211 South, Main, street Dayton, Ohio,45402. There was at-least fifty company's there. Including Dayton, Ohio's originally main R&B and RAP radio-station W.R.O.U 92.1 - which change to R&B Classic soul and left Dayton with no main Rap & R&B Radio station for a week and or a couple months, year's ago.
Then was released the main R&B & Rap station that took over year's ago, in Dayton,Ohio, now-a-days : 102.9. -
 Any way - I some how scheduled to have every company move out of this building threw the main owner, who rents property's out to each person who use's this building In, 2007 - that's why W.R.O.U. had to move and relocate. (because the building closed)
 Any way i have been having talks threw the phone with the original owner or a hidden insider several months ago.
 And he or she asked me what i wanted to do with the building.
Some rumors has that the building is distressed. (that's OK)
 We may knock the building down and sale the land. Or knock the building down and just leave blank ground land or reconstruct the internals and externals and garages and reopen.
Anyway - i just thought that i'd post this brief news about this situation. (... this building has been closed to the public since 2007 - this statement was wrote in 2013...)

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Some How I Lost All My Friends On Google Plus. I'm So lost on this situation.

Google search engine is like on shut down today. Tue Jul 16th. It's like no searching is available @ 9:21 Eastern New York Time .

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