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Where I'm at else-net

Here's where I'm at on social media that isn't Google+. I'll keep this updated as I try new things.

Hobby A blogging network I run. I'm the only user; it's been in alpha for years. I guess now would be a good time to invite users. I'm going to try making this the home base for all my gaming stuff. I don't really use this much but maybe I should start using it for game stuff. Larry We could all just go back there, I guess.

I'm the Creative Director at +Larp House , and you should totally follow that too, since I've put a bunch of work into amplifying our social media presence this year.

Personal A personal blog I'm not really using much. You're welcome to visit, though. It might get used more for non-hobby personal stuff. I use this exclusively for sharing boring life stuff with friends, family, and acquaintances that I've met in person. I don't like to discuss hobbies or subcultures here, and don't accept friend requests from Internet friends.

However, in the last year or so I've attended a number of high-profile national gaming events and now most of my "acquaintances" are gamers. I participate in game-related private groups if I need to. (Seems to be necessary for the larp scene.) I'm thinking about how much work I want to put into filtering or maybe making a second account. I don't actually use this at all, and keep the account for bot development purposes. I'll probably turn it into a brand account.

Creative services This is my "brand" account to promote my photography Again, a "brand" account for my photography

I have GitHub, StackExchange, and LinkedIn accounts too, but suspect you don't care.

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Why did no one tell me there is a +Bret Gillan Apocalypse World shirt?

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These DRM software platforms are all terrible in principle. I held out on Steam for several years until they basically established they were doing this in the least evil way and could probably be trusted.

Nonetheless, free games at Epic, right? I gave it a shot.

I signed up for an Epic Games account as a student to get developer goodies. I don't have access to that email account any more. I sent them a message to explain the situation, and they replied back, Sorry, if the automated system doesn't work there is no way we can change this. Please monitor the Fortnite forums for updates. (I have never played Fortnite.) Strike one.

Also, this. Strike all the rest, this thing is getting uninstalled.
Epic's new Game Store, funded by Chinese company Tencent, has Terms of Service that permit widespread spying on your computer system, and also if you upload anything to the store, Epic can monetize your content any way it wants without paying you anything. (Reddit /r/pcgaming):

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Basically legit, although there are songs I'm sure I listed to way more than some of those tracks.

Ah yeah, Underworld Ascendant just dropped, and I've got a weekend!

Goes to download

23 GB. I have 24 GB free. :-/

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"The following writers shaped and influenced the concepts in Bastion and without them, perhaps Bastion would be much different.

Charles R. Saunders: For the Imaro series of book.
Michael Moorcock: His Eternal Champion and the odd description of the warping influence of chaos.
Clark Ashton Smith: Zothique and the other weird worlds of sword and sorcery fantasy.
Glenn Cook: For the Black Company Series
Stephen King: For the horror novella, The Mist
Gamma Worlds role playing game: Produced by TSR and Wizards of the Coast. The Gamma World milieu depicts a desolate post-apocalyptic landscape populated by bizarre mutants in a never-ending struggle to survive."

Yeah. Probably, you want this.
The Bastion Kickstarter is now live.
 If you like fantasy.
 If you like the sword and sorcery genre.
 If you like roleplaying games.
If you like all of the above dipped in a layer of Afrocentric sensibilities and imagery, then I may have a game for you.
Please spread the word.

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Windows 10 is pretty cool

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That feeling posting on Google Plus now
Animated Photo

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Hey Twin Cities folks! If you need a Halloween party and want to do some low-key larping, come hang with us!
One night every year, the children of the world shed their innocent guises and reveal their true selves: These monsters roam neighborhoods, searching for helpless adults to feed their endless hunger.  Mercifully, we have found that a common household…
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