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So, there was some discussion on how to get more reservoir space... think I might have just found my new, 2nd-planter option.

It's a 910ml Powerade bottle, cut just above where the handhold grooves end. The top half can be used as a bit of a micro greenhouse (though tough to balance).
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Garden Update :D

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Just a recycling DIY for a planter with its own water reservoir.

Now, this isn't cut down to size (the roots would have to poke out ridiculously far, or the cistern would need to be ridiculously full.

Once I cut it down, though? Starter planter from a Styrofoam cup and a recycled 500ml water bottle.

For reference, that's a baby Black Hungarian in the new planter.
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This is the first pepper sprout of my larger 'mini' greenhouse:

"Sweet Twingo"

It's a 0 SHU pepper, but it's going to be a base for my yellow sauces :D

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We have basil!!!

I know, it's not peppers, but it's part of my garden and it's a start!!!

I'll (hopefully) have more pepper-specific updates soon.

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Okay, new idea (to determine wtf is going on with my seeds)...

I've unwrapped a couple of Jiffy peat pellets, brought them to life with water, and created these little test subjects. In each of these is a Thai Dragon seed, settled with minimal covering in the moist peat.

One is on the mat, one is half on, and one is off.

I'm going to leave these as they are and see if they'll sprout. If the 98% germination rate is to be believed, I should at least see a response from the 'control' on the right side.

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So, I've had a WIDE range of seeds starting in a variety of peat pellets and mini greenhouses on warming mats, and only a single plant (Thai Dragon) has sprouted...

It's been a few weeks, now, and I'm starting to get concerned. I bought seeds from what seemed like a reputable brand, and now I'm concerned that the germination rates might have been the exact opposite of what was advertised.

Needless to say, my first year growing from seed has started off dreadfully :'(

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Getting ready for a breakout sophomore growing season!

I see a lot of people already growing... How late to the party am I?

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Hey everyone,

I'm just about to start my indoor planting for the year, and wanted to ask the group about what everyone used for nutrients.

I'm planning on doing a solo-cup setup, much like I've seen many others opt for, and I'll be doing a range of peppers from California Wonders to Jalapeños and Hungarian Hot Waxes, right up to Ghosts and Trinidad Scorpions. In total I'll be starting ~48 plants, with 2-3 of each pepper variety being planted off the start.

Is there any brand or combination that you would recommend? Anything that you'd caution me to steer clear of?

Thanks in advance!



I know that peppers themselves make for great ornamentals, but has anyone found of a pepper plant with particularly colourful or interesting flowers?
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