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London parents fight over their terminally ill minor daughter's desire to be cryopreserved. Check out our latest blog on the legal custody battle they endured and what happened to their daughter's body. #pittsburghcustody #mcmorrowlaw

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I will put this on my bucket list.
Paris In Springtime At The Renaissance Paris Republique Hotel
Gina Baksa says ‘oui’ to the new Renaissance Paris Republique boutique hotel, the perfect location for exploring the Marais, Canal St Martin and Louvre areas of Paris.

Audrey Hepburn was, as ever, spot on when she said: “Paris is always a good idea” and certainly, the City of Lights looks its beguiling best in spring and early summer.

Returning to the French capital a few weeks ago, I couldn’t help but notice a slight sea change in the air; the city was quieter with fewer tourists – and noticeably less Transatlantic accents. Last November’s terrorist attacks have resulted in a significant drop in visitors to the capital, notably from our friends across the Pond.

“We are hoping that spring brings them back,” admitted several business owners to me. “Numbers are down a lot since this time last year – especially from the Americans.”

For those lucky enough to live within a short train ride – thank you Eurostar! – Paris remains one of our most favoured destinations in the world. And we are never going to let anything get in our way of enjoying everything that this beautiful city has to offer.

Against this defiant backdrop, many new hotels and businesses have opened their doors. One hotel group waving the French flag includes the Marriot-owned Republique boutique chain. Its newest – and sixth hotel – the Renaissance Paris Republique opened just a month ago on Rue René Boulanger, just a stone’s throw from the Place de La Republique – a focal point for French solidarity since the Revolution.

Superbly located next to the northern tip of the Marais and close to Canal St Martin, Louvre, Opera, Buttes Chaumont and more, the aptly named Renaissance Paris Republique is an ideal base to explore Paris. Its somewhat functional architecture – the main building was once a branch of Credit Lyonnais, then squatted by an influential artists’ collective – hides a cool and sophisticated interior. The ambitious €58 million project has completely transformed the space into a highly desirable destination hotel and meeting place for residents as well as tourists. Read the full feature on our online magazine.
The Renaissance Paris Republique Hotel
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How does custody relocation on the silver screen differ from real life in PA? Read our latest blog on Grey's Anatomy custody relo drama. #mcmorrowlaw   #pittsburghrelocation   #greysanatomy  

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Baby on the way?  Not married and you are the father?  Read our blog on rights of unmarried fathers in PA. #paunmarriedfatherrights   #mcmorrowlaw

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See +McMorrow Law LLC blog on Madonna's custody woes.  Sometimes your kid may not want to live you and succeed.   #mcmorrowlaw   #kidspickcustody  

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Very funny.  Thanks for sharing!
OVER RULED! That is the whole idea of cross-examination; if you decide to testify at your trial, the prosecutor will try to do this to you. If you take the stand, you are treated the same as any other witness. Giving testimony in front of the trier of fact (usually the jury) is far different than any other type of conversation you have ever had. On direct examination by your attorney, you must say what happened in response to non-leading questions. On cross-exam, the prosecutor can ask leading questions that seek to take what you said out of context, to see if you answer the question differently than what you testified to on direct. The prosecution can also seek to introduce facts you have not testified to in an effort to show that you have not told 'the whole truth' - in an effort to show the jury that you are not being open, candid, and honest with them. In effect, the purpose of the prosecutor is to show you have no credibility and are untrustworthy as a witness. Learning how to testify is essential to presenting yourself successfully before the jury.

Howard W. Bailey, Esq.
550 Broad Street, Suite 601
Newark, NJ 07102

#witness   #testimony   #criminaldefense  

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See +McMorrow Law LLC blog on getting your estate plan taken care of in 2016.   #estateplanningisimportant   #mcmorrowlaw  

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I wonder if Ybor is one of those hot spots.  Haven't been there is years but remember it having a pretty crazy night life.
DUI Hotspots In Tampa Bay

The ABC Action Investigation Team examined 14,000 DUI crash records involving injuries and/or fatalities in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties dating back to 2010. They were able to isolate the 10 most dangerous intersections in each county. When it comes to DUI collisions, some areas are more dangerous than others and are considered hotspots. Not surprisingly, several of the areas are heavily traveled roads located near bars.
(click on this article to learn more)


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In the new age of social media, be careful what you post when in a legal dispute.  See +McMorrow Law LLC blog on Rapper Future's Twitter custody tirade.   #northhillspittsburghfamilylawyer   #pittsburghcustodyattorneys  
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