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Remember, remember! 
The fifth of November, 
The Gunpowder treason and plot; 
I know of no reason 
Why the Gunpowder treason 
Should ever be forgot! 

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+2 320 401 312 321 231 424 410
+3 3-1-1

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I will miss our meetings 802. Even with all the times he tried to convince me that black van was not gonna take me to a secret military underground base.

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1929 - A parade occurs to defend women's right to smoke in pubic. At the time it was a big taboo.
Early 1934 - Fashion designers in Paris start using dark green as the colour of that season
Late 1934 - The Green Ball occurs in the Waldorf-Astoria. A charity event where wearing green is mandatory

3 events that seem completely unrelated right ? Well I have to say wrong.
What connects them ? One person. Edward Bernays. He was the nephew of Sigmund Freud but unlike his uncle he did not try to figure the human brain to cure it. He tried to exploit it and use it's weaknesses.
He was hired by Lucky Strike, to manage to sell more of their brand to women. Two problem existed. One was the taboo of women smoking in public. The other the fact that the colour of the package was not appealing to them, but the company did not want to change it due to cost related reasons.

Solution to problem number 1 - A series of models were hired to march in the New York City parade. The press was then warned that a group of women's rights marchers would light "Torches of Freedom". Later the New York Times would publish an article titled: "Group of Girls Puff at Cigarettes as a Gesture of Freedom". Although this helped women's rights, the goal here was commercial above all.

Solution to problem number 2 - If you can't change the colour then make your target love the colour. He talked with Paris designers, fashion magazine editors and the likes at the beginning of 1934. He "convinced" them to use green as the colour of that season. but not any green. Dark green, like the one in the cigarette packages.
Later that year a big event called the Green Ball occurred. Important people of the time were invited. But it was mandatory to come dressed in green (which was fairly easy since the fashion of that year was green oddly enough) .

And all of sudden smoking Lucky Strike was fashionable since it had the right colour and it represented equality of rights.

Most likely you assume you know where your opinions come from. And like most you are wrong. Our opinions are influenced in many ways and we are not aware of that most of the times. They do not stop at selling cigarette packages. Edward worked for the military as well among other clients. Maybe I will tell you more at another day if you are interested.
Until then keep your eyes open and don't let them run your mind.

#luckystrike   #propaganda   #edwardbernays   #ididnotkilltime  
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Black Knight

A strange object that is orbiting Earth in  a near polar orbit. You would think it is normal with all the satellites up there . But there are some quite interesting things about it.

The first time it was possibly detected was back in 1889 by Nikola Tesla in a high-voltage radio as a weird signal from an unknown source. Later he would say that he was sure the signal was not being transmitted from Earth.
Since 1930 astronomers and radio operators worldwide have been reporting strange radio signals with the origin being the area where the Black Knight exists. Important to note at this point the first human satellite was launched in 1957. This was the Sputnik I that at one point had an object shadowing it when it passed by the polar area.
Several other missions have seen this object and even Time magazine wrote an article about it in 1960. But they were not the first. In 1954 the technology magazine Aviation Week and Space Technology released a story about it that angered the Pentagon who were trying to keep the information secret.
Since then several governments have denied it's existence and have tried to cover it up with allegations of being space debris of this and that (the space version of the weather ballon and swamp gases).

But what are they hiding ? Do they know what the Black Knight is? Is it something so important or so terrifying that has several powerful countries hiding it from the rest of the world? And what is the purpose of this object and who placed it there? Some theories think it has been up there for the past 13000 years 

#blackknight   #conspiracy   #nikolatesla   #ididnotkilltime   #G_uit_lrip  
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The Illuminati card game. A game that has ominous secret societies competing with each other to control the world through sinister means, including legal, illegal, and even mystical. It was designed as a "tongue-in-cheek rather than serious" take on conspiracy theories.

But is it just that ?
I will let the images speak for me today with an image of 2 cards of the game that were published back in 1995. True wild cards one could say

#illuminati   #wildcard   #ididnotkilltime   #rvy_iloqv_yvv  
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The Blue Brain project. An attempt to create a synthetic brain by reverse-engineering the mammalian brain down to the molecular level. (according to wikipedia at least)
Not sure if this is something that we should be impressed or panicking about it.

I am honestly not happy with it. Not because of the project , but because of the projects. Yes plural. While the Blue brain project is being worked in Swiss grounds , at the same time there are several others around the world trying the same.
On the USA alone there are 2 major ones

SyNAPSE - a DARPA-funded program to develop electronic neuromorphic machine technology that scales to biological levels. More simply stated, it is an attempt to build a new kind of computer with similar form and function to the mammalian brain. 

BRAIN - Paul Allen, the billionaire who used to work with Bill Gates is starting his  own brain mapping project and apparently the White House is gathering support for it.

And like these 2 there are more around the globe. So is it just me or right now we have a little arms race to create a synthetic brain. To be used in robots. A project filled with scientists under pressure , thus prone to do more errors now. Yes what could go wrong here ? #wakeupnow  

#ididnotkilltime   #khf_jbxds  
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Sinkholes in Siberia. Not the first kind we seen but now there seems there are alot more.
I have 2 theories. Not sure which one scares me the most. 
That the holes are a sign that the ones that dwell under us have become more bold and are starting to prepare for a large scale invasion
Or that some government has finally reverse engineered the Atlatean Crystal tech weapons that could amplify the sun rays and is testing them out using their satellites . Have an enemy. Just vaporize him from space.

#Sinkhole   #Ididnotkilltime   #Enoovg  
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We are normally bond and limited by what we see. Or at least by what is given to us. Chances are you saw this horror movie and never stopped to examine the skeletons in the background. With the abundance of props in the whole movie why look for something weird amid all of them right ? Well I advice next time you look more carefully. Right there out in the public eye in plain sight there was a real human skeleton. Death is abundant in this movie , but in this case like it was later discovered by coroner_Joshua Perper it was far too real with that skeleton.  
But you ask yourself why do I mention this story ? Well ignoring the fact that a woman mortal remains were turned into a movie prop and that is most likely a decision she had not made by herself during her life, what I want to point out is sometimes for secrets to be hidden discretion is not what it's used. Always doubt what you see, and try and break from your view of the what is seen. Information ,broadcasts,etc can have info contained in them you never noticed because you were too passive
The message I am passing (or trying) is sometimes the truth is hiding in the spotlight. I do believe many of you might have heard that sentence in the past from an expert in hiding things they don't want you to know.  He is very fond of it.
Remember sometimes finding the truth is not as easy as pi, but when you do it is quite liberating .

#hideinplainsight   #ididnotkilltime  
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At least this time they discovered they were being watched and studied. What about you?
Do you know who is watching and controlling what you can see ?

#facebook   #emotionsonfacebook   #Study   #control   #Ididnotkilltime  
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Strange. I thought I reshared this yesterday but today my post is no where to be seen.
Maybe they didn't like a NO as an answer
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